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Spell for the Dead

by Belinda Brady   “The Spell for the Dead only works on Halloween, when spirits are earthbound.” My friend Judith states sitting beside me, clutching a photo of her deceased dog, Bronx.  This spell supposedly raised the dead and Judith insisted I help cast it. “We’ll soon know,” I reply as we hold hands and […]


by Belinda Brady   “Fancy a drink?” Dave asks. “I’m teleconferencing with head office soon, so not tonight,” Jillian replies. “Don’t work too hard then.” He smiles, exiting the gazebo with a laugh. The discovery of a mummy at the dig site was unexpected and moving it was complicated, requiring daily overtime from an exhausted […]


by Belinda Brady   “Shapeshifters? Why are you reading about them? They’re not real,” my childhood friend, Joshua, scoffs.  “You know me. I’m always learning something new,” I reply, glancing at the book on my table. Like how I had learned Joshua was sleeping with my wife. That was new. “You learn about dumb stuff, […]