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Don’t Wear Black

by Charlotte O’Farrell   In life, Aunt Maud had no time for traditional funerals. “I want mine to be jolly! A celebration of my life. Nobody dresses in black!” When the day came, Richard cried all the way to the church. Everyone turned to him as he walked in. He paid his respects by the […]

Amor Fati

by Charlotte O’Farrell   Trevor arrived at the group’s HQ shaking, arms and face bruised from the car crash. In the distance, he heard sirens as first responders tended to the casualties he’d caused. A week on from his eighteenth birthday, and he was done with running. If he carried on trying to chase a […]


by Charlotte O’Farrell   All my life, Uncle Harry’s name was spoken with a pitying hush. “He never recovered from his son’s disappearance.” He lived thirty years after my cousin vanished. Harry was never at family events. Maybe he avoided them, maybe he wasn’t invited at all. People think grief and tragedy are contagious. He […]