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by Evan Baughfman   They returned with a vengeance, with a hive mind sharing a singular goal:  the eradication of the human race. They came back bigger than before. Meaner. Angrier. They had every right to be furious with us, of course. We’d let them all die. Ignored scientists’ warnings for decades. Caused the creatures’ […]

Awful Alphabet

by Evan Baughfman   “Daddy, they taught me my ABC’s!” my three-year-old, Lizzie, proudly declared. In her tiny hands, she held the spirit board I’d unearthed from behind the basement wall. I snatched it away from her. “‘They’? ‘They’ who?” I didn’t see the steak knife until she’d removed it from her pocket. Didn’t catch […]

Your Ride Has Arrived

by Evan Baughfman   The hearse came to a silent stop alongside the curb. The driver asked through the open passenger-side window, “You remember what happened at the bar tonight?” I’d gone into downtown, ordered a cocktail at O’Grady’s, and then…Then…? The hearse’s rear door creaked open. “Plenty of room in the back.” I realized […]