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Awful Alphabet

by Evan Baughfman   “Daddy, they taught me my ABC’s!” my three-year-old, Lizzie, proudly declared. In her tiny hands, she held the spirit board I’d unearthed from behind the basement wall. I snatched it away from her. “‘They’? ‘They’ who?” I didn’t see the steak knife until she’d removed it from her pocket. Didn’t catch […]

Your Ride Has Arrived

by Evan Baughfman   The hearse came to a silent stop alongside the curb. The driver asked through the open passenger-side window, “You remember what happened at the bar tonight?” I’d gone into downtown, ordered a cocktail at O’Grady’s, and then…Then…? The hearse’s rear door creaked open. “Plenty of room in the back.” I realized […]