Better Latte Than Never’s

Better Latte Than Never’s

by A.L. Blacklyn


I’m about to burn. My final thesis is due.

My advisor isn’t bloodsucking as expected from a vampire in Witch Studies, but he can’t help.

Tonight, while the wispy ghosts serving at Never Café at night stay distracted with the zombie-like students, I’m taking the risk of swapping out every drink in the crowded coffee shop. My spider assistants cluster in the corners to observe as I snatch, spell, switch, repeat. Testing.

Wordless screams smother the usual murmur of the shop. I turn to watch one patron writhe, transforming–


Fuzzy tentacles on a new chimera wave at the crowd.


A.L. Blacklyn

A.L. Blacklyn currently resides in the Southeastern United States. They share a small house with a karate kid who never grew up, a dragon telling stories in human form, and a dog who has repeatedly been mistaken as a fluffy demon. Read more of their darkly fantastical micro-fiction at


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