Dead Man Walking

Author: David Green
Series: Nick Holleran : Book One
Genre: Cosmic Horror
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
eBook ASIN: B08H79M5YM
eBook List Price: 99c
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-925809-80-0

Paperback List Price: USD 7.99

Nick Holleran, private detective, thought he had life figured out. Until the day he died.

Holleran woke to the horrifying truth. Hell is Earth, and the demons live among us.

Taking the cases others won’t, Holleran is plunged into an investigation that forces him to confront his past. Revenge is a sin, and the price is high.

For Nick Holleran, work is hell; and this time it’s personal.


Zero Hour 2113 – Launches 23rd January 2021

London, 2113.Racked by riots and ruled by corporations, London has grown to house over twenty-million people. Its limits stretch across the south-west of England.Pollution chokes the skyline, hiding the stratoscrapers of The Mile, London’s exclusive centre, from sight; though its gaudy neon signs penetrate the smog. Corporations rule after the collapse of the mid-2000s. The NHS, under strain from underfunding and the barrage of pandemics, chemical attacks and terrorism, found itself sold off, piece by piece, to the highest bidder. The augmentation companies moved in; buying what they liked. The National Health Bank rose, supplemented by other privatised care centres.

The Key to Keeping a Secret

by David Green   “At last,” Bode cried. “The Fountain…

Dead Man Walking by David Green – Launches 14th November 2020

Stop doubting yourself and just try. Seriously, I found a notebook in my attic that I didn’t realise I’d kept. It’s twenty-years old and has scribbles and ramblings detailing many ideas I’ve actually used since without knowing. Some of these concepts had lived in my head for decades, but I never thought I could do it, so I never tried. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been suited when I was younger, but the Gods love a trier, right?