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Broken Things

by Sophie Wagner


“Trash, trash, trash,” Garret grumbled as he sifted through the remains of the abandoned campsite.

Marcus grunted in response, pausing once to grimace as he pulled a bloody rag free from his pile.

“Everything’s broken, man. Let’s go, this place is a dump,” he groaned. He waited for Garret’s response, but only a low laugh rustled through the trees.

“Broken?” the wind croaked. “And what are you, little scavenger?”

Marcus screamed as he was thrown to the ground, invisible hands bludgeoning him until his bones splintered and his eyes went empty; just another broken thing.

Then, the wind went quiet.

Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner is an emerging student author who has had multiple short story and poetry publications. You can find her work at The Macabre Ladies, Black Ink Fiction, Eerie River Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Black Hare Press and more. She hopes you have a horror-filled day!



Broken Things

by Lillie E. Franks


Some women would have thrown it away after the first argument. She didn’t throw away broken things. She fixed them.

She stayed when he hid in his basement all day. She waited with dinner until he came up. They ate quietly, and she swept away the dirt while he slept.

She fixed things. She fixed the acrid smell from the basement. She fixed it when Deputy Arnold asked questions.

When she heard a thump and a scared, bloody woman staggered through the basement door, she didn’t hesitate. She took the knife she was chopping onions with, and she fixed it.

Lillie E. Franks

LILLIE E. FRANKS is a trans author and teacher who lives in Chicago, Illinois with the best cats. You can read her work at places like Sword and Kettle Press, Poemeleon, and NonBinary Review or follow her on Twitter at @onyxaminedlife. She loves anything that is not the way it should be.

Website: lillieefranks.wordpress.com