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The Cellar

by Tracy Davidson   My arms ache from swinging the scythe so often. Must have decapitated fifty already today, and it’s not even lunchtime. They outnumber us now. Most human survivors shelter offshore. Zombies don’t seem to like oceans. But I’m still a hundred miles from the nearest coast. Dammit, here’s another one, drooling at […]

I Guess Grannie Will Be Fine

by Greg Beatty   After Johnny’s parents died, Grannie raised him. She helped him with algebra, bullies, and dating. When the zombies came, it was time for Johnny to return the favour. “Grannie’s tough,” he told his wife. “But these days she just sits and knits.” When he got to her cottage, Grannie was sitting […]


by Pauline Yates   Desperate to stop the zombie apocalypse, the latest plague to afflict humanity, I draw my knife across Annie’s wrist and fill a bucket with her blood. Annie sways. “Will it work?” “It better or we’re dead.” Grabbing the bucket, I open the door and throw the blood over the advancing zombies. […]

A Zombie’s Guide to Alcoholism

by Sophie Wagner   I was bored; what can I say? Not like there’s anyone to judge me besides Martin, and he doesn’t do much. The first day I ran out of realistic solutions to cure him of the zombie virus, I injected him with orange juice. No result. Same with pineapple juice. However, vodka […]

Instructions to My Past Self

by Liam Hogan   Don’t study microbiology at university. Definitely don’t take Dr Meadow’s course on recombinant DNA. Whatever you do, don’t volunteer to look after her lab rats during summer break. Certainly don’t name one of them “Nipper”. Take July the 13th off. Any excuse will do. Someone else can feed her damned rats […]


by Ria Rees   The last city sprawls below—a hodgepodge of rooftop slums. With the deafening thump of helicopter blades pounding in my skull, I radio the pilot. “Target below. Keep us steady.” One finger trembling on the switch, I repeat my mantra. We tried everything. A small group hails us from a hospital helipad, […]

Death By Cake Pop

by Jodi Jensen   “Almost ready, dear.” Joslyn ignored the growling in the corner and focused on her batch of cake pops. Humming a cheery tune, she picked up a homemade squib (God bless the internet!) and rolled it in her dough. She poked the stick in, then dipped it in melted chocolate and voilà! […]

Brain Waves

by Laura Nettles   Months after Z-Day, scientists finally discovered the zombies were hunting us by tracking our brainwaves: higher brain functions, specifically. Coma patients and people in deep sleep remained unnoticed by those who had risen from the dead. There had to be a way to harness that. Tweak it. Adapt. Icepick in hand, […]

The Weight of Alone

by Alden Terzo   Melek was alone. The mortals, her late mother’s people, shunned her. Her father—banished from Shamayim for siding with the Adversary—passed this banishment to her at birth before abandoning her. Melek had no place in Heaven or Earth. But there was another place. The rabbi, eyes wide, cowered and prayed at Melek’s […]

Like Father Like Son

by  Kai Delmas   My father was an angry man. He took what he wanted, convinced it was his due for the wings he had lost. The power he had been stripped of. Before dying he whispered in my ear, lips aquiver. “The sky is your birthright. You’ll grow strong. Take it. Reclaim the heavens.” […]