Season of the Zombie

by Shane Sinjun


“Revenge is a dish best served hot.” Rico turned from the campfire and flipped the pan-fried zombie brains onto Cat’s plate.

It hadn’t taken long for word to get around. Cooking zombie brains altered the proteins in the meat. It tasted rich and salty, but this delicacy offered something even more delectable—immunity.

Cat skewered the seasoned meat and held it aloft. “Here’s to the best zombie chef in town.”

They chewed, swallowed, savoured.

Rico grabbed two burning branches from the fire and handed one to Cat. They turned and faced the approaching zombie horde.

Cat roared, “Bring on dessert!”

Shane Sinjun

Shane Sinjun writes dark quirky fiction from Melbourne, Australia. He has a heart of gold. The rest is mainly base metals. Follow him on Twitter: @Shane_SJF




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