The Door

by Alden Terzo


The cellar door creaked and flexed as the hungry zombies outside pushed against it. Alone in the cellar, Olivia sliced a hunk of rotting meat and tossed it through a small opening high in the wall. It hit the ground outside with a plop. The noise and smell drew the zombies from the door.

She’d bought some time. Before her father died, he’d promised her help was coming. Olivia needed the door to hold until then.

Grimacing, she cut another hunk of putrid flesh to distract the zombies. She hoped help arrived soon. There wasn’t much of her father left.

Alden Terzo

When Alden Terzo isn’t reading, he’s often writing. Or procrastinating. There is usually coffee involved. Find him on Twitter @AmbassadorAlden 




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