New Beginning

by Melinda Pouncey


It began with a worldwide contagion.Warning signs were ignored, governments slow to respond. It spread rapidly, overwhelming resources, crashing economies. Then, just as quickly as it started, it was gone; and most of the population with it.

They didn’t die, that would have been a mercy. Instead, they lingered on, blind, pale, walking corpses shut up in their homes, afraid to come out into the light. We left them there. We were used to living rough. Now in scattered communities far from the plague ridden cities, we share, we work together.

I never knew there were so many stars.

Melinda Pouncey

Melinda Pouncey is a retired psychologist who enjoys exploring the complexities and scope of the human imagination. She has written numerous short stories and poems in a variety of genres and is, most recently, focusing her attention upon horror and fantasy. Melinda has several drabbles in Black Hare Press anthologies.

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