The Last One Alive

by Andreas Hort


Every day they trudge around the city on their endless journey for satiation of their hunger. I can imagine their suffering; I’m starving, too. Only not for flesh. For human contact. For the last six years, day after day, I’ve had no one to talk to but myself. I… I think I might be the last person alive.

But there’s a way to satisfy my hunger.

They always travel in packs, you know? They’re never alone. So, I’m gonna head out now, to join them. I’m terrified. Of the teeth, the pain… but I’m more terrified of another day alone.

Andreas Hort

Andreas Hort resides in the Czech Republic. In his free time, he writes and takes steps toward his goal to move to an English-speaking country. His works have been published in several anthologies. He likes chatting with people with similar interests, so feel free to get in touch:

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