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The Departure by E.L. Giles

Cradled in his father’s arms, the boy opened his eyes weakly. The dim light burned. Moaning, he shut his eyes tightly. “It hurts, Papa,” said the son, his voice barely audible. “I know,” said the father. Powerless and desperate, he walked across the room and sat by the window, rocking his dying son back and […]

Rip Off Bandage by Shawn M. Klimek

“But our wedding date is set, and it takes six weeks to heal from a rhinoplasty,” Franklin whined. “They break your nose, you know.” “I love you, Frank, but I could never marry a snoring, mouth-breather!” Kendra insisted. Fortunately, Franklin’s humor put the wedding guests at ease about his bandaged face. Likewise, his self-deprecating wit […]

Taboos by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Kade the Urisk spied a fairy near his waterfall. Though forbidden to interact with her kind, he stepped closer—his goat-feet clattering on rocks. “Greetings. I’m Kade.” She stood. Shyly replied, “I’m Dallin.” Thus, their friendship began. Within days, they were bonded—but their pairing was taboo. One morning, after deciding to elope, Kade and Dallin joined […]

So You Think You Can Drabble by Jefferson Retallack

So you think you can drabble. Don’t worry. I get it. You’re no amateur writer. The blinking cursor, the blank page, they never last in your presence. But therein lies the problem. You’ve wasted twenty-seven words on an intro. And until this line existed, you didn’t even have a conflict. Fifty words now, above this […]

Wingreen Reprise by C.L. Williams

A suicide pact with a priest gone rogue. A family thinking, they were following the path to immortality. Only, a change of heart occurred from the priest upon the announcement that he is a father to be. An aristocratic family now living on Earth as ghosts because of a miscommunication from the man they once […]

One Submission Call to Rule Them All by Shelly Jarvis

Ben watched Bree’s ship hovering above the station, waiting for the grav-beam to draw it into the hangar.  He threw a nutrition pod in the expander and waited. Bree entered the lab, stretching her limbs in eight directions. “Rough day?” he asked, handing her a pod. “These again?” Ben nodded. “Until we figure out how […]

Sunlight and Severance by Pamela Jeffs

I loved him first. I loved him best. Not the wife holding his hand— the hand of my farmer-son, grown sick and paper-thin. He was my babe. He grew in my light. As a teenager he toiled under my glaring eye. Middle-aged— together we watched shades of sunset paint tilled fields. Years have passed. My son is dying. […]