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Time & Decay

by Zoey Xolton   Rayne’s heartbeat thundered in her ears until the world fell away, and there was nothing but her shuddering, panicked breath, and the steady, hypnotic rhythm of blood roaring through her veins. Plastered against a cold concrete pylon, hidden in the shadow of the interstate bridge, a hoard ambled by just feet […]

New Beginning

by Melinda Pouncey   It began with a worldwide contagion.Warning signs were ignored, governments slow to respond. It spread rapidly, overwhelming resources, crashing economies. Then, just as quickly as it started, it was gone; and most of the population with it. They didn’t die, that would have been a mercy. Instead, they lingered on, blind, […]

The Last One Alive

by Andreas Hort   Every day they trudge around the city on their endless journey for satiation of their hunger. I can imagine their suffering; I’m starving, too. Only not for flesh. For human contact. For the last six years, day after day, I’ve had no one to talk to but myself. I… I think […]


by Paul J Scribbans   “Harry! You promised Dad!” “I won’t shoot, I’m just using the scope.” Charlotte glanced uneasily at her older brother. She’d learnt the hard way to obey her parents; Harry wasn’t. Her mother told Charlotte to be quiet last year. She disobeyed and her mom died terribly. In the gorge below […]


by Maxine Churchman   Sylvia, the bride-to-be, gasped when she saw the highlight of her hen weekend. Charlotte had done well; organising events on the small Caribbean Island to keep everyone partying. Now, at the end of their last meal, a huge pretend wedding cake was wheeled in and sat in the centre of the […]

Kill the Messenger

by Shawn M. Klimek   Kendra hurried back to the shelter to share the bad news. Dr. Armstrong’s serum had backfired. Despite early hopeful signs, all those treated had eventually regressed. Worse, the contagion seemed to have evolved a new vector. Armstrong had seemed about to explain when he tried to bite her instead. Was […]

This Is Where It Ends

by Wondra Vanian   Everyone knows where it started. This is where it ends. Seven people are gathered around the fire in a draughty old cabin. They don’t look it, but they’re all that’s left of humanity. For the next twelve and a half minutes. That’s how long it will take the shuffling horde to […]

Paul Warmerdam

Paul Warmerdam is a Dutch-American with decades of experience writing stories, who only recently decided to start submitting them. He lives in the Netherlands, where there’s plenty of rainy hours shut indoors with a story in mind.