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The Lay-By

by Liam Hogan   I don’t like to stop. The cab fulfils my needs, from somewhere to sleep, to food and drink: coffee and instant noodles, a travelling kettle serving for both. But you can’t resist a call of nature forever. No need for a truck stop or gas station, not when there’s woodland either […]

Little Truck Stop on the Prairie

by Jameson Grey   Gunnars Diner [sic] reeked of rank meat—like the fridge was broken or the sous-chef hadn’t checked the expiry dates. Sous-chef? Marilyn wondered. Did middle-of-nowhere greasy spoons even have them? Her Freightliner was the only rig in the lot. Marilyn was beat, and hours from the next truck stop, but the smell convinced […]

One More for the Road

by Blaise Langlois   Route 37 at night is a lonely stretch. My eyelids feel the weight of sleep, but the next exit promises 24-hour coffee. The car lot, bathed in a sick, yellow light, is practically deserted. I order a coffee and venture round back to use the restroom, but a foul smell makes […]

Glassman Had His Reasons

by C.L. Steele   Hunched over, his glass head slid across the ceiling tiles of her office. She cowered in the corner. She could see through his pristine cyan outline—a glass man. His protracted fingers extracted her with an ease that whispered experience. She trembled in the valley of his palm. He examined her with […]

Beware of the Talls

by John Lane   Born in a pan of green beef, seventy-five of us reached maturity in two to three days. We laughed when Mom warned that “talls” wanted us dead. Our compound eyes and thin wings could evade them. Or so we thought. The “talls” caught us while we rubbed our six legs on […]

Unclaimed and Quiet

by Miriam H. Harrison   They had warned us of giants, and so we watched for the swaying of trees, the sudden flight of birds. Yet all around us were silent forests and barren hills. From the highest of these summits we could see even more of this land, unclaimed and quiet. “Have you ever […]

Trey Stone

Trey Stone grew up the youngest of three siblings, proving once and for all to his parents and all of their extended family that third time is in fact the charm – that was until they decided to try yet again and have Trey’s younger brother, after which both parents decided to divorce each other because they couldn’t live with the shame of what they’d done (creating something so incredibly mediocre after something so very nearly perfect).


by Chris Bannor   They towered above us, blocking out the sun in their magnificence. We tried to fight, but how do you stop a creature so massive it engulfs your house with a single footstep? The government made mechanical monstrosities to combat the invaders, but the damage grew worse. The aliens came to subjugate, […]

13 Victims – Launches 30th March 2021

V.A. Vazquez: My husband loves to speculate about the day-to-day lives of henchmen in action films. Like when they go home for dinner at night, do they have to explain to their spouses that Mr. Big Baddie spent a billion dollars on a laser gun instead of making a larger contribution to their 401(k)s? When it’s Career Day at school, how do they explain their profession to a group of fidgety four-year-olds? Do we see so many British henchmen because they don’t need private medical insurance through their employers? So when I was asked to write a story for 13 Victims, I decided I wanted to write about two low-level drones who get caught up in trouble that’s way above their pay grade.

Sleep Under the Stars

by Bernardo Villela   It was a marvellous night to sleep under the stars. Soon, I awoke. The moonlight seemed wrong somehow. Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I saw massive branches asway. Not branches but antennae, leading to a gargantuan ovoid shadow blotting out the moon. I couldn’t be seeing what I thought I was […]