Three Lads in a Pub

by Tim Law

“Mate, I call bullshit. We’ve got the deadliest spiders, snakes galore, even killer koalas and you’re telling us the thing you fear the most is a bird?”

“Yep, the cassowary, seen it firsthand.”

“So, what’s so scary?”

“Beady little eyes that you just can’t trust, horn on its head that can run you through.”

“Fair enough mate, sounds pretty deadly.”

“The worst thing is the claws, massive ones on its feet. It can jump a metre and a half, and then with a kick it rips you open from neck to navel.”

“Bloody hell.”

“And all for a banana.”



Tim Law

Tim loves drinking with mates. He hates cassowaries though, ya can’t trust the beady eyes.


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