Red Feathers

by Gully Novaro


The animal rebellions caught us off guard. We were ready to fight each other, but never thought of them. We barely won the Great Ape Wars, our troops were decimated.

That’s when the flamingos attacked.

Few of us remain. Hiding in basements, only going out at night. Their squawks are scarier than any alarm, the birds show no mercy, and once you see the red of their feathers, you are done for.


The birds get the colour from their diet, pink is the colour of shrimp. No, I haven’t seen a pink flamingo since they started feeding on us.

Gully Novaro

Gully Novaro is a non-binary writer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a love for all things out of this world. Their work aims to explore feelings of dread and solitude, in the genres of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. You’ll be able to read some of their work in upcoming anthologies Wyrms, Planetside and the Dystopian Showcase edited by Shacklebound Books. 

Twitter: @GullyNovaro

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