Captain Purge’s Collection of Oddities

by Kelly Matsuura


“Kanami, darlin’, you’ll finally be whole.” Captain Purge tapped his boot on the slime-covered trunk with glee.

Kanami’s head floated forward, her ratty hair brushing the trunk’s exterior as she gave it a fervent sniff.

Purge shuddered. Once an enchanting princess, Kanami was now a curse to the ship. He never expected the beheaded yōkai to age rapidly without her body nearby—nor that she’d feed on the flesh of his men.

There was only one solution.

Opening the empty trunk, he shoved Kanami in and slammed the lid shut.

“Toss ‘er back overboard.” He was truly done collecting oddities.


Kelly Matsuura

Kelly Matsuura writes diverse YA, fantasy, and literary fiction. She is the creator of The Insignia Series anthologies (Asian fantasy themed) and has had stories published with Ink & Locket Press, A Murder of Storytellers, Black Hare Press, Harbinger Press, and many more.


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