by Steven Lord


The yearning starts off in the morning as a low buzz, just beyond the limits of hearing. The shadow of an itch, not yet demanding your full attention.

By midday, it’s harder to focus. Your mind starts to wander down dark, familiar paths.

By sundown, it’s a full-throated roar. Everything you do, see, hear, warped by that single desire. Your mental protestations crumble in the face of the onslaught.

That night—every night—hot blood will mingle with hot tears of shame.

This is not what you wanted. But this is what you have. For now and eternity.


Steven Lord

Steven Lord is a fantasy and sci-fi author from the UK. His influences include Neal Stephenson, Stephen King and Iain M Banks. He lives in the south of England with his wife, dog and two cats and is resigned to his place at the bottom of the pecking order…

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