A Savage Christmas

by Shawn M. Klimek


After two years imbedded with savage, aborigines, the missionary couple radioed that they had finally mastered the tribe’s primitive language.  It being December, the responding resupply package had included, besides the usual toiletries and fresh batteries, greeting cards signed by the church elders, a giftwrapped, gingerbread stable containing a chocolate nativity scene, and a letter from the bishop urging them to introduce Jesus without further delay.

“The chocolate Holy Family might help,” he suggested.

Radio silence foreshadowed tragedy: the missionaries’ bodies were never found.

The tribe’s oral history, however, cite this as the year white people introduced them to cannibalism.


Shawn M. Klimek

Shawn M. Klimek is the middle child of seven creative siblings, a globetrotting, U.S. military spouse, internationally best-selling writer, award-winning poet, and butler to a Maltese.  More than one hundred of his stories or poems have been published since 2018, including in BHP’s Deep Space, Eerie Christmas, and the first six books in the Dark Drabbles series. Find an index of his publications (plus bonus reads) at A Jot In The Dark

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