MONSTERS : A Horror Microfiction Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Series: Dark Drabbles, Book 3
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781925809183
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Wendigos, vampires, things that go bump in the night or hide under the bed, witches, demons, upirs, kelpies, toad people, zombies, sirens and hundreds of other tiny terrifying tales.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.


Paper Or… by A.L. King
A Taste So Sweet by A.R. Johnston
Fun House by A.R. Johnston
Night Howl by A.R. Johnston
Prey by A.R. Johnston
Sweet Liquid by A.R. Johnston
Late Night Snack by A.S. Charly
Stolen by Adam S. Furman
The Gardener by Aditya Deshmukh
Art is in the Eye of the Beholder by Aiki Flinthart
From Alfred Fanshawe’s Travel Journal – Final Entry, 1883 by Aiki Flinthart
Never Talk to Strangers by Aiki Flinthart
The Taste of Salt and Vengeance by Aiki Flinthart
What Goes on Inside Her Head? by Aiki Flinthart
A Doggy’s Heart by Alanna Robertson-Webb
Camping Gone Wrong by Alanna Robertson-Webb
Rorrim by Alanna Robertson-Webb
The Coyote by Alanna Robertson-Webb
Windigo by Alanna Robertson-Webb
A Monster? Not I by Alexander Pyles
Good Genes by Alexander Pyles
Locked Away by Alexander Pyles
The Hill Beast by Alexander Pyles
To Summon the Sea by Alexander Pyles
Cold by Andreas Hort
Debt by Andrew Anderson
Howl by Andrew Anderson
Burn Your Bridges by Austin P. Sheehan
Car Trouble by Austin P. Sheehan
One Way to Keep a Promise by Austin P. Sheehan
Ven’s Refuge by Austin P. Sheehan
You Know My Name by Austin P. Sheehan
All Guts, No Glory by Beth W. Patterson
Babes in the Swamp by Beth W. Patterson
Candle Man by Beth W. Patterson
Carrion, My Wayward Son by Beth W. Patterson
Red Blood Cheddar by Beth W. Patterson
Incoming! by Bob Adder
Pukwudgies by Brandy Bonifas
Skinwalker by Brandy Bonifas
Jack and Jill by Brian Rosenberger
Savage Winter by Brian Rosenberger
Snotmen by Brian Rosenberger
The Brookville Baptist Church by Brian Rosenberger
The Hunter by Brian Rosenberger
Human Pizza by C.L. Williams
Killer Garden by C.L. Williams
Takeover by C.L. Williams
The Limping Man by C.L. Williams
The Shed by C.L. Williams
Evil Hides in the Multitude by Carole de Monclin
Haute Cuisine by Carole de Monclin
Manchine by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Spider Alert by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
The Slime Monster by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
The Waygrim by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
You by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Her Dominion by Charlotte O’Farrell
No Monsters by Charlotte O’Farrell
A Taste of Vetala Vengeance by Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Little Jo’s First Time by Cindy O’Quinn
The Tower Bell by Claire Wilson
A Message Untold by Crystal L. Kirkham
Below the Waves by Crystal L. Kirkham
Dragon’s Truth by Crystal L. Kirkham
Neighbourhood Watch by Crystal L. Kirkham
The Magnificent Unicorn by Crystal L. Kirkham
Forsaking all others by D.M. Burdett
The Transaction by D.M. Burdett
Til Death Do Us Part by D.M. Burdett
Night-mare by Daniel Braithwaite
Broken by David Bowmore
Imps by David Bowmore
Late Night Drinks by David Bowmore
Man of Straw by David Bowmore
Spring-Heeled Jack by David Bowmore
Bad Date by Dawn DeBraal
Bed Bug by Dawn DeBraal
Black Widow by Dawn DeBraal
Curfew Keeper by Dawn DeBraal
The Ice Cream Man by Dawn DeBraal
Camp North by Denny E. Marshall
Monster Buck by Derek Dunn
Bedtime by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt 
Exotic by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt 
The Deal by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt 
The Hag by Dusty Davis
A Different Kind of Monster by E.L. Giles
A Howling in the Moonlit Night by E.L. Giles
Darkness Washed Ashore by E.L. Giles
The Child of the Night by E.L. Giles
Witch at the Stake by E.L. Giles
Blackwood Lake by Eddie D. Moore
Cave Dweller by Eddie D. Moore
Chasing Legends by Eddie D. Moore
Freedom by Eddie D. Moore
The Hunter by Eddie D. Moore
Creation by Elizabeth Montague
A Chance Encounter by G. Allen Wilbanks
Confrontation by G. Allen Wilbanks
Feeding Time by G. Allen Wilbanks
Sunset by G. Allen Wilbanks
Under the Bed by G. Allen Wilbanks
A Tequila Bottle by Gabriella Balcom
During the Game by Gabriella Balcom
It Came in Silence by Gabriella Balcom
Ivie’s Bubble Bath by Gabriella Balcom
The Forest by Gabriella Balcom
The Mirror in the Bathroom by George Nikolopoulos
I Rest My Case by Glenn R. Wilson
Learning Curve by Glenn R. Wilson
The Beast of Hillfort by Graham Robert Scott
The Shear-Thing by Graham Robert Scott
The Attic by Greg Fewer
Funhouse Monsters by Gregg Cunningham
I See Dead Folks by Gregg Cunningham
Mumbling Monsters by Gregg Cunningham
The Monsters Under the Bed by Gregg Cunningham
The Sneering Guest by Gregg Cunningham
The Amateur and the Prince by Hari Navarro
Blind Date by Henry Herz
Forbidden Love by Henry Herz
Zombie Sonnet by Henry Herz
When Dinner Knocks by Holly Saiki
Daddy Long Legs by J. Farrington
It’s Coming by J. Farrington
Memento by J. Farrington
Petrified Wood by J. Farrington
The Tooth Fairy by J. Farrington
Swallow by J. Rohr 
Collector of Souls by J.D. Bell
Last Call by J.D. Bell
Ribbit by J.D. Bell
The Grinning Shadow by J.D. Bell
Vector of Madness by J.D. Bell
Karma by J.M. Ames
Below Bob’s Bed by J.M. Meyer
Modern Dating by J.M. Meyer
Morning Coffee by J.M. Meyer
The Pearl Diver by J.M. Meyer
The Watermelon Contest by J.M. Meyer
The Truth Behind the Façade by J.U. Menon
Thy Will Be Gone by J.W. Garrett
Back Alley by Jacek Wilkos
Garbage by Jacek Wilkos
Strzyga by Jacek Wilkos
Mingo Motel is a Killhouse by Jacob Baugher 
Death Nears Twofold by Jefferson Retallack
Not All of Me Dies in the Desert by Jefferson Retallack
Something Follows by Jefferson Retallack
The Bunyip by Jefferson Retallack
The Shadows We Cast by Jefferson Retallack
Divinity by Jem McCusker
Frenzy by Jem McCusker
The Circle by Jem McCusker
The Manor by Jem McCusker
Kitty by Jensen Reed
Shadows by Jensen Reed
Stupid Monsters by Jensen Reed
The Skeletons Are Coming by Jensen Reed
Mermaid by Jill Hand
Consume Me by Jo Seysener
The Piper’s Song by Jodi Jensen
Choices by Joel R. Hunt
Déjà Devoré by Joel R. Hunt
Experimentation by Joel R. Hunt
The Monster’s Lover by Joel R. Hunt
Waiting for Dawn by Joel R. Hunt
As Others See Us by John H. Dromey
Beauty and the Beastly Revelation by John H. Dromey
Dr Frankenstein’s Monster Repurposed by John H. Dromey
No rest For the Wicked by John H. Dromey
Room with a Disturbing View by John H. Dromey
Buried Alive by John Saxton
Ear Worm by John Saxton
Old Joe by John Saxton
Birth of a Breath-Eater by Jonathan Inbody
Mr. Latch’s Papercut by Jonathan Inbody
Rest Your Weary Head by Jonathan Inbody
Food Chain by Joshua D. Taylor
Monsteropolis Will Bleed by Joshua D. Taylor
Trapped by Joshua D. Taylor
Settling by K.R. Monin
A Prayer by K.T. Tate
Fae by K.T. Tate
Revenge by K.T. Tate
The Siren by K.T. Tate
The Smiling Visitor by Kaustubh Nadkarni
Worse than Scorned by Kelly A. Harmon
Children of the Night by Kevin Hopson
Reflection by Kyle Harrison
They Know by Kyle Harrison
Cellar Beware by Liam Hogan
Reversing the Apocalypse by Lydia F. Black
No Such Thing as Monsters by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway  
Suits by Lynne Lumsden Green
Demon’s Breath by Martin Eastland
The Prince by Martin Eastland
The Trumpet Calls by Martin Eastland
A Trip to the Vanderbilt Museum by Matthew M. Montelione
After Midnight by Matthew M. Montelione
Ground Demons by Matthew M. Montelione
Royal Death by Matthew M. Montelione
Salvation by Matthew M. Montelione
Her Brother by Melissa Neubert
Under the Bed by Melissa Neubert
Phases by Michael Balletti
The Wendigo by Michael Crow
Shreds by Michael D. Lackey
The Beast by Michael D. Lackey
There Goes the Neighbourhood by Morgan Chalfant
Leave None Alive by Neen Cohen
They Never Look Up by Neen Cohen
A Cornfield of Blood by Nerisha Kemraj
The Hominian Monster by Nerisha Kemraj
Breakfast by Nicole Little
Sansara by Oleg Hasanov
The Monster Within by Olivia Arieti
The New Mattress by Olivia Arieti
Deadland Spirits by Pamela Jeffs
Matchwood by Pamela Jeffs
Medusa’s Den by Pamela Jeffs
Mistress Moon by Pamela Jeffs
Of Demi Gods and Chimera by Pamela Jeffs
Bogeyman by Patrick Winters
Ghouls by Patrick Winters
The Children of Camazotz by Patrick Winters
The Penanggal by Patrick Winters
The Wechuge by Patrick Winters
Donor by Paul Warmerdam
For Sale, One Owner by Peter J. Foote
The Itch by R.A. Goli
Greedy What? by R.G. Halstead
Halloween Treats by R.G. Halstead
The Big Snack by R.G. Halstead
Who Else? by R.G. Halstead
The Power of Imagination by R.J. Meldrum
Black Dog by Raven Corinn Carluk
Happy Hour by Raven Corinn Carluk
Renovating by Raven Corinn Carluk
The Sluagh by Raven Corinn Carluk
Water Leaper by Raven Corinn Carluk
Thriving by Rennie St. James
Horace by Rich Rurshell
Instinct by Rich Rurshell
Nectar by Rich Rurshell
Child Care by Rickey Rivers Jr.
Cannibal Nurse by Rowanne S. Carberry
Compulsion by Rowanne S. Carberry
Date Night by Rowanne S. Carberry
Kissed by a Kelpie by Rowanne S. Carberry
Social Media Zombie by Rowanne S. Carberry
One Case Too Many by Roxanne Dent
Killers by S. Gepp
Maid and Monster by S. Gepp
The Leviathan by Sam M. Phillips
The Man Eating Lobster by Scott Hughes
Catastrophe by Serena Jayne
An Eye Out for the Toad People by Shawn M. Klimek
Form-a-Fiend by Shawn M. Klimek
Night View by Shawn M. Klimek
Revenge of the Worm Lord by Shawn M. Klimek
The Troll Potion by Shawn M. Klimek
A Longing for Snakes by Shelly Jarvis
Cave Mouth by Shelly Jarvis
Dapper Dan by Shelly Jarvis
The Worst Monster by Shelly Jarvis
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by Shelly Jarvis
Wing Bone by Simon Clarke
7709 by Sinister Sweetheart
Doppelganger by Sinister Sweetheart
The Ropen by Sinister Sweetheart
Welcome Home by Sinister Sweetheart
Wolf by Sinister Sweetheart
And Then Daddy Was Gone by Stephen Herczeg
I’ll Never Fish Again by Stephen Herczeg
Mirror, Mirror by Stephen Herczeg
Protect the Baby by Stephen Herczeg
That Damned Cat by Stephen Herczeg
Bell Temps by Stephen Smith
Death Metal by Steven Holding
A Late Night Hunt by Stuart Conover
Giving Thanks by Stuart Conover
The Ghouls by Stuart Conover
The Sound of Wings by Stuart Conover
Trophy Hunting by Stuart Conover
The Changeling by T.A. Sola
Coffin Mates by Terry Miller
Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Scream by Terry Miller
Old Scratch by Terry Miller
Something Inside by Terry Miller
The Pale People by Terry Miller
Rotting Zombie by Thomas Sturgeon Jr.
Kismet by Umair Mirxa
Legend by Umair Mirxa
Malice by Umair Mirxa
Nectar by Umair Mirxa
Oculus by Umair Mirxa
Jason by Vickie J. Litten
Dandy Dogs by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Feeding the Fish by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Mid-Eclipse by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Redcap by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Swimming by Vonnie Winslow Crist
A Moment Like Eternity by Ximena Escobar
Here, Boy by Ximena Escobar
Mourning Girl by Ximena Escobar
The Ball by Ximena Escobar
Harlequin by Zoey Xolton
Moon Cursed by Zoey Xolton
Mouths to Feed by Zoey Xolton
Terror in the Deep by Zoey Xolton
The Monster Within by Zoey Xolton