LOVE: A Dark Microfiction Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Series: Dark Drabbles, Book 7
Genre: Multi
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B084T464H7
Paperback ISBN: 9781925809534
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Twisted tales of love in tiny proportions.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.


After Midnight by A.L. King
Faller? by A.L. Paradiso
From Afar by A.R. Dean
Mother’s Day by A.R. Dean
My Team by A.R. Dean
Obsession by A.R. Dean
Safe from Monsters by A.R. Dean
Bubbling Over by A.R. Johnston
Justification by A.R. Johnston
Unrequited Love by A.R. Johnston
Overtime by A.S. Charly
Together Forever by Ali House
God Is Love by Amber M. Simpson
Bonded by Andrea Allison
Afterthought by Andrew Anderson
Best Friend by Andrew Anderson
Eraser by Andrew Anderson
Love Burns by Andrew Anderson
Sharing is Caring by Andrew Anderson
Spirit Board Confessions by Angela Zimmerman
Alone Again by Ann Christine Tabaka
Night Sweats by Ann Christine Tabaka
A single Moment by Annie Percik
She Loves Me by Annie Percik
Ways to Your Heart by Annie Percik
Call It Love by Becky Benishek
Dinner is Served by Brandi Hicks
Tonight by Brandi Hicks
Cyclops Seeks Soulmate by Brian Rosenberger
I See You by Brian Rosenberger
Personals by Brian Rosenberger
Earth to Mars, With Love by C.L. Steele
Deserved? by C.L. Williams
Last Kiss by C.L. Williams
Like I Do by C.L. Williams
Losing “The One” by C.L. Williams
Love for You by C.L. Williams
A Mother’s Love by Carole de Monclin
Animal Instinct by Carole de Monclin
No Tomorrow by Carole de Monclin
Proxy by Carole de Monclin
Punch Me, My Love by Carole de Monclin
Good Riddance by Cassandra Angler
Love Him More by Cassandra Angler
Cuddle Me Warm by Catherine Kenwell
No More Flowers by Catherine Kenwell
12 by Chris Bannor
Classic #9 by Chris Bannor
Flowers by Chris Bannor
Love in Absentia by Chris Bannor
The Greatest of Them All by Chris Bannor
The Badlands by Chris Butler
Sleep by Christina Wilder
Perfectly Matched by Christopher T. Dabrowski Translated by Julia Mraczny
I’ll Protect You, My Love by Cindar Harrell
Never Leave Me by Cindar Harrell
A Painted Lady by Clint Foster
Digging Up the Past by Clint Foster
Eternally Unrequited by Clint Foster
Lip Service by Clint Foster
Stuffed by Clint Foster
For Better or For Worse by D.J. Elton
Heartbroken by D.J. Elton
Such is the Drama of Possessive Love by D.J. Elton
The Kiss by D.J. Elton
The River Barge by D.J. Elton
Beck and Call by D.L. Smith-Lee
Family by D.M. Burdett
Butterflies by Dale Parnell
Night Bus by Dale Parnell
The Last Supper by Dale Parnell
Dreaming of Jeanie by David A.F. Brown
1962 by David Bowmore
1963 by David Bowmore
Endless Love by David Bowmore
Foodie by David Bowmore
The End by David Bowmore
Motherlove by David M. Donachie
Eternal Love by Dawn DeBraal
Love Letters by Dawn DeBraal
She Has His Heart by Dawn DeBraal
The Last Act of Love by Dawn DeBraal
What Hurts You, Hurts Me by Dawn DeBraal
The Crimson Vendetta by Delaney McCormick
Letters From a Lover by Destiny Eve Pifer
Little Dove by Drew Starling
A Candlelit Shower by Eddie D. Moore
All for Love by Eddie D. Moore
Deep Breaths by Eddie D. Moore
Fifty-five Years by Eddie D. Moore
The Grand Pour by Eddie D. Moore
Romance is Dead by Emma K. Leadley
Unrequited by Erica Schaef
Button up Your Overcoat by Frances Tate
Forever Autumn by Frances Tate
It Takes Time by G. Allen Wilbanks
Lover’s Leap by G. Allen Wilbanks
Tattoos by G. Allen Wilbanks
The Perfect Ring by G. Allen Wilbanks
Till Death Do Us Part by G. Allen Wilbanks
He’d Do It Again by Gabriella Balcom
I Love You So Much by Gabriella Balcom
Mrs. Malicious by Gabriella Balcom
Consequences by Galina Trefil
End of the Road by Gary Rubidge
Christmas Present by Glenn R. Wilson
Dripping Meat by Hari Navarro
Free to Love by J.A. Hammer
Come Dance On My Grave by J.B. Wocoski
Bonnie’s Last Poem by J.M. Meyer
Dying for Love by J.M. Meyer
Hiking Lovers by J.M. Meyer
Crushed Anticipation by J.S. Carnes
Pieces of You by J.S. Carnes
Puppy Love by J.S. Carnes
Motherly Love by J.U. Menon
A Twisted Love by J.W. Garrett
Away From it All by J.W. Garrett
For the Best by J.W. Garrett
Stay by J.W. Garrett
What’s Mine is Mine by J.W. Garrett
Inner Beauty by Jacek Wilkos
The Unethical Vegan by Jacob Baugher
Come Home by James Lipson
Godzilla by James Lipson
Sam’s Son by James Lipson
Actions Speak Louder by James Turnbow
The Reconciliation Gift by Jasmine Arch
Hopeless Romantic by Jasmine Jarvis
Never by Jasmine Jarvis
Nosferatu by Jasmine Jarvis
Summer Holidays with Mum and Dad by Jasmine Jarvis
We Love You, Aubrey by Jasmine Jarvis
A Mother’s Love by Jason Holden
For Catherine by Jason Holden
Hello Dear by Jason Holden
Completed by Jeff Slade
It’s Only a Crush by Jem McCusker
No More by Jennifer Hatfield
Sacrifice by Jo Mularczyk
One More Drop by Jo Seysener
Sharpest is the Kiss That Pops by Joachim Heijndermans
Let Sleeping Love Lie by Jodi Jensen
Sea Breeze Special by Jodi Jensen
The Secret to Staying Young by Jodi Jensen
Let Me Recount the Ways by John H. Dromey
Mythical Proportions by John H. Dromey
Sitting Ducks for Cupid by John H. Dromey
The Baum Squad by John H. Dromey
The Wow Factor by John H. Dromey
We Had Time for One Drink by John Possidente
Ti Amo by K.B. Elijah
Ulterior Motive by K.B. Elijah
In the End by K.C. Clarke
All for You by K.T. Tate
The First Time by K.T. Tate
Devotion by Kaitlyn Arnett
Fake Reality by Kaitlyn Arnett
Good Intentions by Kaitlyn Arnett
Purple Hyacinth by Kaitlyn Arnett
Till Death Do Us Part by Kathy Neilsen
She Loves Me by Kathy Slater Neilsen
Juvenile Love by Kelly A. Harmon
I Dig You by Ken “Timber” Halhober
I’m Sorry by Ken “Timber” Halhober
Honeycomb by Kevin Berg
Cuddle Love by Kevin J. Kennedy
As Needs Must by Kimberly Rei
No Obstacle Too Great by Kimberly Rei
Love and Hope by Liam Hogan
I Want You by Lydia F. Black
Banshee by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Flash by Lynn Reicker
I Love You, My Angel by Lynne Phillips
Keeping Mary Safe by Lynne Phillips
Love Never Dies by Lynne Phillips
A Kind of Telenovela Love by María J. Estrada
The House That Loved by Mark Mackey
Long Haul Space Love by Mason Harold Hilden
Graphite Rings by Matt Walker
Ancient Bandages by Matthew M. Montelione
The Curse Reborn by Matthew M. Montelione
Won’t Let You Go by Matthew Wallace
Ferrymen by Maura Yzmore
Beneath This Pier by Maxine Churchman
Obsession by Maxine Churchman
Only You by Maxine Churchman
Skin Deep by Maxine Churchman
Keeping Love Alive by Melinda Pouncey
Orpheus by Mia Ram
The Embrace by Michael Crow
How to Win the Battle by Michael D. Davis
Stuffed Love by Michael D. Davis
With a Wink in a Blink by Michael D. Davis
Rebound by Michele Freeman
For Now Until Forever by Michelle River
Love Restored by Mikko Rauhala
Cupid’s Cruel Bow by Monica Schultz
His Perfect Ending by Monica Schultz
A Good Mother by N.M. Brown
All Mine by N.M. Brown
Luna by N.M. Brown
Sacrifice by N.M. Brown
The Perfect Neighbourhood by Neen Cohen
The Sound of Dirt and Freedom by Neen Cohen
An Unfinished Story by Nerisha Kemraj
Bittersweet by Nerisha Kemraj
Closed Door by Nerisha Kemraj
If Only by Nerisha Kemraj
Poisonous Love by Nerisha Kemraj
Ghost by Nicola Currie
Let’s Pretend by Nicola Currie
Love Letters by Nicola Currie
Man Shed by Nicola Currie
The Mystery of the Heart by Nicola Currie
A Mother’s Love by Nicole Little
Girl’s Best Friend by Nicole Little
Taking the Plunge by Nicole Little
That Sibling Bond by Nicole Little
True Love by Nicole Little
The Feeling Is Mutual by Nikki DeKeuster
Simply Love by Olivia Arieti
Eternal Love by Owen Morgan
First Date by Patrick Winters
Separated by Patrick Winters
Separated Again by Patrick Winters
Love Among the Sand Dunes by Paula R.C. Readman
Love Isn’t What It Used to Be by Paula R.C. Readman
Holy Matrimony by Pavi Raman
Accidents Happen by Peter J. Foote
Never Leave Me by Peter J. Foote
Roommate Unrealised by Peter J. Foote
Unknown Eyes by Peter J. Foote
Until Your Death Do Us Part by Peter J. Foote
Woman’s Best Friend by R.A. Goli
Pieces of You by R.J. Greene
Obsession by R.J. Meldrum
Perfect by Rachel Oram
A Mother’s Responsibility by Radar DeBoard
Favourite Parts by Radar DeBoard
Valentine Heart by Radar DeBoard
And the Maiden by Raven Corinn Carluk
Lie Here Forever by Raven Corinn Carluk
No One Loves by Raven Corinn Carluk
Star-Crossed by Raven Corinn Carluk
That Smile by Raven Corinn Carluk
That Which Lacks a Heart Wants What It Wants by Raymond Johnson
The Song by Rich Rurshell
Tesla ♥ Waymo 4Ever by Robert Bagnall
Gift-Wrapped by Robin Braid
Love Lives by Ronnie Scissom
Roadkill by Ronnie Scissom
The 13th Floor by Ronnie Scissom
Chained by Rowanne S. Carberry
The Harvest by Rowanne S. Carberry
Through the Window by Rowanne S. Carberry
Never by S.N. Graves
Dedicated by Serena Jayne
Quest by Serena Jayne
Ties That Bind by Sharon Frame Gay
Crushed by Shawn M. Klimek
I Heart You by Shawn M. Klimek
Love is Blinded by Shawn M. Klimek
The Face I Love by Shawn M. Klimek
Until Death by Shawn M. Klimek
All Lovers Were Strangers Once by Shelly Jarvis
All the Things I cannot Say by Shelly Jarvis
Hands Up by Shelly Jarvis
I Wear an Invisibility Cloak by Shelly Jarvis
The Wages of Sin by Shelly Jarvis
Condo at Front Beach Road by Stephanie Scissom
Comeuppance by Stephen Christie
Her Smell Has Faded by Stephen Herczeg
I Know He’s There by Stephen Herczeg
She Loved Sunsets by Stephen Herczeg
She Swiped Right by Stephen Herczeg
What’s Wrong? by Stephen Herczeg
Pen is Mightier Than the Scalpel? by Steven Holding
In Love and War by Steven Lord
Jonah’s Delight by Stuart Conover
Lindsay’s True Love by Stuart Conover
The Perfect Gift by Stuart Conover
We All Make Mistakes by Stuart Conover
Working Up the Courage by Stuart Conover
Love Enclosed by T.A. Ulven
golden Hour Killing by T.W. Garland
Plans by T.W. Garland
Captivated by Terri A. Arnold
Love Letters by Terri A. Arnold
My Bloody Partner by Terri A. Arnold
A Muse By Candlelight by Terry Miller
Dead Stare by Terry Miller
Love by Mail by Terry Miller
Poison Heart by Terry Miller
Stitching Up the Mourning by Terry Miller
Love Hearts by Tracy Davidson
Not Like the Movies by Trisha Ridinger McKee
The Golden Years by Trisha Ridinger McKee
For You, Darling by Umair Mirxa
Gone Before Sunrise by Umair Mirxa
Surrounded by V. Mylynne Smith
A Killer Relationship by V.L. Draven
Attracting Love by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Blood-Mate by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Desert Wind by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Falling Star by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Felicia by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Carving into Your Heart by Wendy Roberts
I’ll Never Leave You by Wondra Vanian
Bitter Greetings by Ximena Escobar
Faith’s Passion by Ximena Escobar
Feelings in Low Ground by Ximena Escobar
Keepsake by Ximena Escobar
Soulmates by Ximena Escobar
Burn the World by Zoey Xolton
Love Potion by Zoey Xolton
The Black Mass by Zoey Xolton
The Hunt by Zoey Xolton
The Succubus Queen by Zoey Xolton