HATE: A Dark Microfiction Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Series: Dark Drabbles, Book 8
Genre: Multi
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B084T41P54
Paperback ISBN: 9781925809558
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Twisted tales of love in tiny proportions.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.


Unconditional by A.L. King
Death to the Devil by A.R. Dean
Hunter by A.R. Dean
Justice for Danny by A.R. Dean
Mean Girls by A.R. Dean
This Little Piggy by A.R. Dean
Baking with Magic by A.R. Johnston
Curse by A.R. Johnston
Doll Making by A.R. Johnston
Karma by A.R. Johnston
Plotting by A.R. Johnston
Heart Pain by A.S. Charly
Dig Two Graves by Aaron Channel
Meeting the Devil by Abiran Raveenthiran
A Controversial Opinion by Ali House
Nasty Nancy by Amber M. Simpson
Current Mood by Andrew Anderson
Going Down, Sir? by Andrew Anderson
Loved to Bits by Andrew Anderson
Hannah Has a Talk by Angela Zimmerman
A Victim of Love by Anne Christine Tabaka
Laying the Blame by Annie Percik
Trapped by Annie Percik
Born to Kill by B. Witte
In Time by B. Witte
S.H.E.L.L.Y. by Brandi Hicks
Light Bulb by Brian Rosenberger
Pincushion by Brian Rosenberger
Punching Bag Needed by Brian Rosenberger
Sheep and Wolf Face by C.L. Steele
Abandonment by C.L. Williams
Hatred for You by C.L. Williams
Loathing by C.L. Williams
Over a Steak by C.L. Williams
Roasting Marshmallows by C.L. Williams
A Dance with Suspicion by Carole de Monclin
All’s Fair by Carole de Monclin
Hater in a Strange Land by Carole de Monclin
Life After Hate by Carole de Monclin
The Greatest Con Artist by Carole de Monclin
Betrayed by Cassandra Angler
Delicacy by Cassandra Angler
Ghost by Cassandra Angler
Have Some Cake by Catherine Kenwell
Liar by Catherine Kenwell
Inconvenient by Chris Bannor
Justified by Chris Bannor
Monsters by Chris Bannor
Slow Burn by Chris Bannor
The Argument by Chris Bannor
A New Horror Story by Cindar Harrell
Hate Me by Cindar Harrell
Have a Nice Fall by Clint Foster
One More Slash by Clint Foster
Turned Up to Eleven by Clint Foster
Home Warfare by D.J. Elton
The Envious Mother by D.J. Elton
Leaving Gift by Dale Parnell
Prayer by Dale Parnell
Waste Not, Want Not by Dale Parnell
Out of Time by Dannielle Viera
Modern Hate by David Bowmore
Roofer by David Bowmore
Heartbeat by David M. Donachie
Existing by Dawn DeBraal
Home Run by Dawn DeBraal
Newer Model by Dawn DeBraal
Stale Mate by Dawn DeBraal
Wipe Out by Dawn DeBraal
Us and Them by Dawn Knox
Her Face by Dermott O’Malley
Burning in the Night by Destiny Eve Pifer
Buddy by Eddie D. Moore
Fresh Herbs by Eddie D. Moore
It’s Over by Eddie D. Moore
Money Well Spent by Eddie D. Moore
Wishes Do Come True by Eddie D. Moore
Bloody Revenge by Emma K. Leadley
Left at the Altar by Evelyn Benvie
A Man of His Word by Frances Tate
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Psychopath Scorned by Frances Tate
Stung by Frances Tate
Ashes in the Water by G. Allen Wilbanks
Daydreams by G. Allen Wilbanks
Heads or Tails by G. Allen Wilbanks
Helping Hand by G. Allen Wilbanks
Just a Friend by G. Allen Wilbanks
Fury by Gabriella Balcom
Garrett by Gabriella Balcom
Loving Husband, Loving Son by Galina Trefil
I Hate My Boss by Gary Rubidge
The Last Word by Glenn R. Wilson
Bloodied Lips by Hari Navarro
Al Moto’s Revenge by J.B. Wocoski
Final Edit by J.D. Bell
The Plunge by J.M. Ames
Tech Era Revenge by J.M. Meyer
A Scream in the Silence by J.W. Garrett
Reflected in her Eyes by J.W. Garrett
Smile For Me by J.W. Garrett
Teach Me by J.W. Garrett
The Last Bus Ride by J.W. Garrett
A Strange Incident at the Cafe by Jacek Wilkos
Noise Nuisance by Jacek Wilkos
See You in Hell by Jacob Baugher
Meet at 0600 Hours, Top of the World Hotel by Jacob Bowers
Silence by James Lipson
The Guardian by James Lipson
Tea for Two by Jason Holden
Time to Put on Those Dancing Shoes by Jason Holden
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by Jason Holden
You Will Remember Me by Jason Holden
In Sight by Jeff Slade
The Fool by Jennifer Hatfield
Cyber-Vengeance by Jo Mularczyk
To the Victor by Joachim Heijndermans
Venom by Joachim Heijndermans
Deconstructive Criticism by Joanna Marsh
A Little Bit of Torture by Jodi Jensen
The Last Straw by Jodi Jensen
Hurts You Is Its Own Reward by John H. Dromey
In Line For a Punch by John H. Dromey
Infamous Last Words by John H. Dromey
Man of Steel by John H. Dromey
The Case of the Tortured Torso by John H. Dromey
Secret Ingredient by K.B. Elijah
The Man Within by K.B. Elijah
Bon Appetit by K.C. Clarke
Nightmares by K.T. Tate
Cybele’s Lament by Kate Lowe
The Borrower by Kathleen Halecki
Too Late by Kelly A. Harmon
New Neighbours by Kevin Berg
Zero Hour Contracts and Bad Managers by Kevin J. Kennedy
Sauce by Kimberly Rei
Steel Clarity by Kimberly Rei
The Last Dance by Kimberly Rei
The Rage Book by Koji A. Dae
Dark Chocolate by Lauralana Dunne
Shattered Trust by Lesley Drane
The Doll by Lesley Drane
The Hate You Make by Liam Hogan
Excel by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
The Ex by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
It Was Too Easy by Lynne Phillips
Melanie’s Choice by Lynne Phillips
The Thanksgiving Feast by Mark Kodama
Blood Soaked Competition by Mark Mackey
The Blessed Dead by Matthew M. Montelione
The Mummy of the Marsh by Matthew M. Montelione
Propolis by Maura Yzmore
The Weave by Maura Yzmore
A Growing Alarm by Maxine Churchman
Betrayal by Maxine Churchman
On Reflection by Maxine Churchman
Sins of the Father by Maxine Churchman
A Giant’s Revenge by McKenzie Richardson
Bluebeard’s Bloody Test by McKenzie Richardson
Fate of an Evil Queen by McKenzie Richardson
Guess My Name by McKenzie Richardson
One Night in the Lumber Camp by McKenzie Richardson
Bonds of Holy Acrimony by Melinda Pouncey
Bowline Vengeance by Michael Carter
Hate in Half the Time by Michael D. Davis
Breathe by Michele Freeman
The Best Revenge by Mikko Rauhala
You Said You Wouldn’t, But You Did by Monica Schultz
Devolution of Love by N.M. Brown
Self Loathing by N.M. Brown
Shucked by N.M. Brown
The Long Con by N.M. Brown
A Life of Hate by Nerisha Kemraj
Cold by Nerisha Kemraj
Liar by Nerisha Kemraj
Til Death Do Us Part by Nerisha Kemraj
Where Heartbreak Takes You by Nerisha Kemraj
Chow by Nicola Currie
Honour by Nicola Currie
Sweetheart by Nicola Currie
The Illustrated Boy by Nicola Currie
The River Legacy by Nicola Currie
Repeat the Question by Nikki DeKeuster
Hate Versus Love by Olivia Arieti
Smiling by Owen Morgan
I Caused the Holocaust by P.C. Darkcliff
The Tell-Tale Art by P.C. Darkcliff
A Lesson in Trust by Paula R.C. Readman
Janus Lot’s Wife by Paula R.C. Readman
Lifting the Veil by Paula R.C. Readman
Some Good Points by Paula R.C. Readman
Witch Burning by Paula R.C. Readman
Breathing Room by Peter J. Foote
Crushed Heart by Peter J. Foote
Deadly Sweetener by Peter J. Foote
Would Smell as Sweet by Peter J. Foote
Yard Sale by Peter J. Foote
Bitter Tea by R.A. Goli
A Lesson in Revenge by Radar DeBoard
Boredom and Change by Radar DeBoard
End of a Rivalry by Radar DeBoard
Disgruntled by Raven Corinn Carluk
Ex Education by Raven Corinn Carluk
Marinated by Raven Corinn Carluk
Pre-existing Condition by Raven Corinn Carluk
Sweets for my Sweetheart by Raven Corinn Carluk
Not the Opposite of Love by Raymond Johnson
Laughter by Rhiannon Bird
Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten by Rich Rurshell
Trail by Robin Braid
Nosy Neighbours by Rowanne S. Carberry
When the Blood Spills by Rowanne S. Carberry
A Sister’s Love by S.N. Graves
Storge by Sanziana Tamiian
Lazy Daisy by Serena Jayne
A Hateful Spell by Shawn M. Klimek
Mince and Repeat by Shawn M. Klimek
Road Rage by Shawn M. Klimek
The Scent of Fierce by Shawn M. Klimek
Wait Plan by Shawn M. Klimek
A Slashing Song by Shelly Jarvis
Last Laugh by Shelly Jarvis
My Lover’s Lover by Shelly Jarvis
Stayin’ Alive by Shelly Jarvis
The Last Supper by Shelly Jarvis
Patience by Stephen Christie
People Just Gotta Learn the Rules by Stephen Herczeg
She Even Took My Hand Cream by Stephen Herczeg
She Swiped Right by Stephen Herczeg
Stupid People by Stephen Herczeg
The Tyres, They Squeal by Stephen Herczeg
Circles by Steven Lord
Happy Anniversary by Stuart Conover
Jennifer’s Lament by Stuart Conover
Just Stop It by Stuart Conover
Seikel’s ‘Hobby’ by Stuart Conover
The Perfect Day by Stuart Conover
Hate Runs in the Family by T.A. Ulven
In His Hands by T.W. Garland
Monster by T.W. Garland
Feelings by Terri A. Arnold
Remember Me by Terri A. Arnold
Revenge is Sweet by Terri A. Arnold
Serial Student by Terri A. Arnold
Survivor by Terri A. Arnold
Combustible Loathing by Terry Miller
Hag by Terry Miller
I Am Sin by Terry Miller
Skin Peeler by Terry Miller
The Porcupine Man by Terry Miller
Drink Up by Tiegan Clyne
Target of Hate by Tracy Davidson
Blackmail by Trisha Ridinger McKee
The Apartment by Trisha Ridinger McKee
The Wedding’s Off by Trisha Ridinger McKee
The Plastic Anarchist by Tristan Drue Rogers
Kill Me Slowly by Umair Mirxa
Love Me Once by Umair Mirxa
Murder She Wrote by Umair Mirxa
Copycat by V. Mylynne Smith
Sober by V. Mylynne Smith
Akazawa A’avik’s Revenge by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Arachnids by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Calista by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Mirrors by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Ruffles by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Enough by Wendy Roberts
Frenemies by Wondra Vanian
Worth It by Wondra Vanian
Bitches by Ximena Escobar
Curse of a Beautiful Man by Ximena Escobar
Hate Causes Cancer by Ximena Escobar
Ironic by Ximena Escobar
The Press Are Vultures by Ximena Escobar
A Soldier’s Revenge by Zoey Xolton
He Loves Me Not by Zoey Xolton
Justice by Zoey Xolton
Merciless by Zoey Xolton
Not Enough Coffee by Zoey Xolton
Burning Bridges by Annie Percik
My Own Vengeance by Brandi Hicks
It’s Heart to Hate You by Michael D. Davis
Family II by D.M. Burdett