Author: Various Authors
Series: BHP Writers’ Group Special Edition, Book 4
Genre: Dark Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
Paperback ISBN: 978-1925809497
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Celebrating 100 years since the Roaring Twenties, come with us on a look back at the jazz era. Historical stories with dark and terrible twists.
Within these pages, find the speakeasy girl with two mouths, Mafia gangs with secrets more sinister than history suggests, bloodthirsty flappers, dark tales from the Depression, and many more.


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Love Always, Vera by A.R. Dean
Just One Bottle by Amber M. Simpson
Blood Talkies by Andrea Allison
Body Parts by Andrew Kurtz
The Cost of Diamonds by Catherine Kenwell
Death Was Her Voice by Chris Bannor
The Sacrifice by D.J. Elton
Leahy Castle by D.J. Tyrer
Nosferatu by D.M. Burdett
Little Brass Tin by David Bowmore
When the Leonids Come by David M. Hoenig
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre by Dawn DeBraal
The Death of a Nation by Derek Dunn
The Lovers by Destiny Eve Pifer
A Song For the Prince by Donna Cuttress
The Healer by Drew Starling
Night Flapper by Eddie D. Moore
The Devil’s Own by Emma K. Leadley
Speakeasy Jane by Erica Schaef
Transatlantic Plight by Evan Baughfman
Straight to the Bone by Gabriel Hart
The Liquid Lucifer by Galina Trefil
White Wednesday by Hannah Retallick
Someone to Watch Over Me by Henry Snider
Three Colours by J.A. Hammer
The Devil’s Den Speakeasy by J.B. Wocoski
Coward No More by J.M. Ames
Another Day by J.W. Garrett
A Flood Bigger Than The Ritz by Jack Lothian
Taxi Dancer by Jacqueline Moran Meyer
Bath Tub Gin by Jim Bates
A Dry Run by John H. Dromey
An Odd Song by Joshua Gessner
The Final Coffin by K.B. Elijah
A Lad Named Jack by Kevin J. Kennedy
The Emperor’s Curse: The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Pigs for Pigs by Lynne Phillips
The Pinch by M.A. Smith
Clean Sneak by Matthew A. Clarke
The Weighing of the Heart by Matthew M. Montelione
The Story of Roscoe Owen Clyde by Michael D. Davis
The Surrealist Painting by Michael Kellichner
The Week of Black Thursday by N.M. Brown
August 18th by Neen Cohen
Gin and Jinks by Nicola Currie
Prohibition Brings Everyone Together by Nikki DeKeuster
The Box by Owen Morgan
1921 by Paul Benkendorfer
Midnight Shoeshine by Pedro Iniguez
Squeeze Me Deadly by Peter J. Foote
Broadcast by Raven Corinn Carluk
Under the Weeping Willow by Robin Braid
The Speakeasy by Sam M. Phillips
Sebastian and the Speakeasy Adventure by Scott Harper
Moonshine by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
A Bloody Proposition by Stephen Herczeg
The Screams of the Elephants by Thomas Vaughn
What The Butler Saw by Tim Mendees
Untouchable by Tracy Davidson
The Big Pretend by Tristan Drue Rogers
The Guns Still Sound by Will Christian
The Making of a Star by Ximena Escobar
Bloody Prohibition by Zoey Xolton


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