UNRAVEL : A Crime Microfiction Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Series: Dark Drabbles, Book 5
Genre: Crime
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781925809268
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Murder mysteries, criminal chronicles, whodunnits, revenge, suspicion, mayhem, intrigue, and lots more.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.


The Walk by A.L. King
Crime Scene by A.R. Dean
Stalker by A.R. Dean
To Do List by A.R. Dean
Cleaning Up by A.R. Johnston
Discovery by A.R. Johnston
Hobby by A.R. Johnston
Survey the Scene by A.R. Johnston
Under the Microscope by A.R. Johnston
Delusions of Grandeur by A.S. Charly
Boiled by Abi Linhardt
Homemade by Abi Linhardt
Mirror by Abi Linhardt
The Witch’s Sacrifice by Abi Linhardt
Trapped by the Payroll by Abi Linhardt
Project Infertility by Aditya Deshmukh
A Future, Lost by Aiki Flinthart
Nine Cats Worth of Crazy by Aiki Flinthart
Summer Madness by Aiki Flinthart
The Earth Gets a Champion by Aiki Flinthart
Trouble in a Tight Skirt by Aiki Flinthart
My Mom’s Face by Alanna Robertson-Webb
The King by Alanna Robertson-Webb
The Knife by Alanna Robertson-Webb
The Man in my Room by Alanna Robertson-Webb
Leaf Memorial by Alexander Pyles
Long Ride to the Gray Bar Hotel by Alexander Pyles
One Last Case by Alexander Pyles
To Stop Time by Alexander Pyles
What I coulda by Alexander Pyles
Duty Calls by Amber M. Simpson
My Sweet Emma by Amber M. Simpson
The Hook Up by Amber M. Simpson
Big Moment by Andrew Anderson
False Moves by Andrew Anderson
Skull by Andrew Anderson
Spider by Andrew Anderson
Sunset by Andrew Anderson
The Missing Flowers by Angela Zimmerman
Blind Pursuit by Ann Christine Tabaka
New York Night by Ann Christine Tabaka
The Perfect Crime by Ann Christine Tabaka
The River by Ann Christine Tabaka
Clues by Annie Percik
Desperation by Annie Percik
Freedom by Annie Percik
Stockholm by Archit Joshi
An Eye for an Eye by Beth W. Patterson
Animated by Beth W. Patterson
Guided by Beth W. Patterson
Killing the Vibe by Beth W. Patterson
Not Far From the Tree by Beth W. Patterson
A Significant Amount of Blood by Bob Adder
Cliffhanger by Bob Adder
Seegrist Syndrome by Bob Adder
Relief by Brandi Hicks
Far Enough by Brandy Bonifas
Good for Somethin’ by Brandy Bonifas
Blackout by Brian Rosenberger
New Message by Brian Rosenberger
The Meathook Murderer by Brian Rosenberger
Coming of Age with a Bang by C.L. Steele
Unforgivable by C.L. Steele
An Accident? by C.L. Williams
An Innocent Man by C.L. Williams
Heist by C.L. Williams
Red Herrings by C.L. Williams
Scene of the Crime by C.L. Williams
Disposal by Cameron Marcoux
The Curator by Cameron Marcoux
Til Death by Cameron Marcoux
Guillotined by Carole de Monclin
Misdirection by Carole de Monclin
Night Shift by Carole de Monclin
Obsession by Carole de Monclin
Until it Happens to your Child by Carole de Monclin
Appearances by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Cold Case by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
The Backpacker Murders by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
The Smuggler by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Three Suspects by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Belated Regrets by Charlotte O’Farrell
Crocodile Tears by Charlotte O’Farrell
Living Forever by Charlotte O’Farrell
Re-enactment by Charlotte O’Farrell
The World’s Greatest Artist by Charlotte O’Farrell
Captain by Chris Bannor
The Price by Chris Bannor
Things That Go Bump in the Light by Chris Bannor
Blood Stained Hands by Cindar Harrell
Death’s Door by Cindar Harrell
Framing a Murder by Cindar Harrell
The Best Resource by Cindar Harrell
To See Myself Bleed by Cindar Harrell
No Leftovers by Claire Count
Unspoken by Claire Count
Dear Mr. Hempshaw by Copper Rose
Eye on the Prize by Crystal L. Kirkham
Have a Cuppa by Crystal L. Kirkham
Highway 109 by Crystal L. Kirkham
True Justice by Crystal L. Kirkham
Underground Delivery by Crystal L. Kirkham
Doggy Done by D.J. Elton
Mass Madness by D.J. Elton
Sweetest Revenge by D.J. Elton
Traffic Stop by D.J. Elton
Quench by D.M. Burdett
Easy Money by David Bowmore
Hero by David Bowmore
Jane by David Bowmore
The Howler by David Bowmore
Worse, Much Worse by David Bowmore
Blind Sided by Dawn DeBraal
Double Vision by Dawn DeBraal
Marked by Dawn DeBraal
Missing by Dawn DeBraal
The Break Up by Dawn DeBraal
Somewhere in the Night by Destiny Eve Pifer
Grave Oversight by Diana Grove
Auto-da-Fe by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Monster Hunter by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Necrophagia by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Gunshots in the Woods by E.L. Giles
No Rest for the Wicked by E.L. Giles
Russian Roulette by E.L. Giles
The Artist by E.L. Giles
Too Late by E.L. Giles
From My Cold, Dead Fingers by Eddie D. Moore
Not Worthy by Eddie D. Moore
Shared Goals by Eddie D. Moore
Smoke and Lead by Eddie D. Moore
Street Justice by Eddie D. Moore
They Don’t Stay Still by Erik Goldsmith
Compromised by G. Allen Wilbanks
Immaculate by G. Allen Wilbanks
Petty Theft by G. Allen Wilbanks
Rush Job by G. Allen Wilbanks
Verdict by G. Allen Wilbanks
Cleared by Gabriella Balcom
Clearly Staged by Gabriella Balcom
Jack and Jill by Gabriella Balcom
Not How it Seems by Gabriella Balcom
On the Ground by Gabriella Balcom
The Unfortunate Record by Galina Trefil
Bad Math by Glenn R. Wilson
One Last Thing to Do by Glenn R. Wilson
Hook, Line and… by Greg Thomas
Fingers in the Cookie Jar by Gregg Cunningham
HomiCider by Gregg Cunningham
Stabbed in the Back by Gregg Cunningham
The Intruder by Gregg Cunningham
Phantom Filth by Hari Navarro
Crime Doesn’t Always Pay by Isabella Fox
Going Back to Mexico by Isabella Fox
Leave No Trace by J. Farrington
Private Eye by J. Farrington
Stolen Identity by J. Farrington
The Quick Score by J. Farrington
The Sting by J. Farrington
Adopt by J.A. Hammer
Good Friends by J.A. Hammer
Unhinged by J.B. Wocoski
Camping Celebration by J.M. Meyer
The Dead Wife by J.M. Meyer
The Limo Driver by J.M. Meyer
As Far as the Eye Can See by J.W. Garrett
Scratches by Jacek Wilkos
Aorta Red by Jacob Baugher
Entropy by Jacob Baugher
Health Food by Jacob Baugher
Little Pipe Creek by Jacob Baugher
Nightstalker by Jacob Baugher
Death Visits Mexico by James Pyles
My Little Memento by Jasmine Jarvis
Driving for a Living by Jason Holden
Dust to Dust by Jason Holden
It’s Harder with Kids by Jason Holden
On a Dare by Jason Holden
The Donor by Jason Holden
Burglary versus Robbery by Jefferson Retallack
Fraud by Jefferson Retallack
I Don’t Care If It’s Against the Law to Refuse to Escalate a Call, I’ve Already Passed Call Quality This Month by Jefferson Retallack
Ice by Jefferson Retallack
My Hands Are like Lightning by Jefferson Retallack
A Thing of Beauty by Jo Seysener
Another Body by Jo Seysener
Blue Blood by Jo Seysener
Grit and Gravel by Jo Seysener
Panic and Plans by Jo Seysener
Mannequin Confidential by Jodi Jensen
Ransom by Jodi Jensen
A Note by Joel R. Hunt
Backup by Joel R. Hunt
Elementary by Joel R. Hunt
Lost and Found by Joel R. Hunt
Targeted Theft by Joel R. Hunt
A Classical Conundrum by John H. Dromey
A Little Learning by John H. Dromey
Bittersweet Justice by John H. Dromey
Dirty Tricks by John H. Dromey
Seasonal Suspects by John H. Dromey
Bad Luck by Jonathan Inbody
Blindsided by Jonathan Inbody
Busted by Jonathan Inbody
Confession by Jonathan Inbody
A Hairpin in Southwark by Kelli Pizarro
A Hostel in Karamea by Kelli Pizarro
Hitchhiker’s Delight by Kelly A. Harmon
Piecework by Kelly A. Harmon
Mystery Girl by Kent Swarts
Down by the Water by Laura Hughes
What Remains by Liam Hogan
The Colour Red by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Eric by Lynne Lumsden Green
Can’t Outrun a Bullet by Marcus Cook
I See My Faults by Marcus Cook
The Giant by Marcus Cook
The Confession by Mark Kodama
Heiress by Mark Mackey
The Deathbed Confession of Jenna Greenville by Mark Mackey
The Killing by Mark Mackey
An Eye for Detail by Mason Harold Hilden
A Point of View by Maxine Churchman
Another Quiet Small-Town Diner by Michael D. Davis
Here, There, and Everywhere by Michael D. Davis
Sprinkled in with the Sugar by Michael D. Davis
The Evidence Auction by Michael D. Davis
Shining Lights Below by Neen Cohen
Gone in Twenty Seconds by Nerisha Kemraj
The Axe Artist by Nerisha Kemraj
Too Much by Nerisha Kemraj
Breakdown by Nicola Currie
Duel by Nicola Currie
The Love of a Good Wife by Nicola Currie
The Unmaker by Nicola Currie
Transform by Nicola Currie
An Eerie Homage by Olivia Arieti
Extreme Neatness by Olivia Arieti
Crop Circle by Pamela Jeffs
Jetsam and Flotsam by Pamela Jeffs
Madman by Pamela Jeffs
Not Alone by Pamela Jeffs
The Cross and Dollar Gang by Pamela Jeffs
Paper Trail by Paul Warmerdam
Fire Starter by Paula R.C. Readman
International Waters by Peter J. Foote
The Velvet Purse by Peter J. Foote
No Evidence to Find by Radar DeBoard
Bruises by Raven Corinn Carluk
Home Security by Raven Corinn Carluk
Injustice System by Raven Corinn Carluk
Love Letter by Raven Corinn Carluk
Sisters of Perpetual Mercy by Raven Corinn Carluk
Cliché by Rennie St. James
Maggie by Rhiannon Bird
The Investigation by Rhiannon Bird
Thieves and Cigarettes by Rhiannon Bird
Buzzing by Rich Rurshell
Protection by Rich Rurshell
Lost Voices by Richard G. Taylor
Caught Red-handed by Rowanne S. Carberry
Dressed for Carnage by Rowanne S. Carberry
The Butcher by Rowanne S. Carberry
The Rat by Roxanne Dent
Revolver by Sam M. Phillips
The Photos by Sam M. Phillips
Third Round by Sam M. Phillips
Charlie by Scott Wheelock
In Pieces by Sean Martin
Unlikeable by Serena Jayne
Open and Shut Case by Shawn M. Klimek
The Masked Surrender by Shawn M. Klimek
The Poison Poisoner by Shawn M. Klimek
The Spotless Weapon by Shawn M. Klimek
The Sting of Justice by Shawn M. Klimek
Chompers by Shelly Jarvis
Hot Lunch Buffet by Shelly Jarvis
Mrs. McAdilly’s Garden by Shelly Jarvis
Scratches on Paper and Skin by Shelly Jarvis
Soup is People by Shelly Jarvis
Jean MacBeth by Simon Clarke
Footprints in the Snow by Sinister Sweetheart
Heist by Sinister Sweetheart
Mabel by Sinister Sweetheart
Spiritual Confession by Sinister Sweetheart
Statute of Limitations by Sinister Sweetheart
Homeless by Stephen Herczeg
In a Warehouse by Stephen Herczeg
Pimped Out Ride by Stephen Herczeg
Sharon by Stephen Herczeg
The Shoe by Stephen Herczeg
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death by Steven Lord
Steal my Sunshine by Steven Lord
The Body by Steven Lord
A Death in the Mainframe by Stuart Conover
Deep in the House of Watobra by Stuart Conover
Nostalgia Burns Bright by Stuart Conover
Pack Justice by Stuart Conover
Somebody Else’s Problem by Stuart Conover
Capone and the Accordion Man by Sue Marie St. Lee
Karma by Sue Marie St. Lee
Calling Card by Susanne Thomas
Competitive Streak by Susanne Thomas
Find Me by Susanne Thomas
Petty Theft by Susanne Thomas
Telling Evidence by Susanne Thomas
Innocently Guilty by Terri A. Arnold
Cannibal Lee by Terry Miller
Cigarettes and Whiskey by Terry Miller
False Lead by Terry Miller
Guilty by Terry Miller
Mystery Man by Terry Miller
Law and Disorder by Tracy Davidson
Undone by Umair Mirxa
Vacant by Umair Mirxa
Winner by Umair Mirxa
Yellow by Umair Mirxa
Zealot by Umair Mirxa
A Fun Girl by Virginia Carraway Stark
Scapegoat by Virginia Carraway Stark
Whoosh by Virginia Carraway Stark
Animal Lover by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Cold Case by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Jealousy by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Left Hand by Vonnie Winslow Crist
The Butcher’s Mother by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Who’s Is It? by Wendy Roberts
Better Luck Next Time by Wondra Vanian
Missing Persons by Wondra Vanian
Black Tears by Ximena Escobar
In Memory of Rita by Ximena Escobar
Orange Crumbs by Ximena Escobar
The Murder of Miss Money by Ximena Escobar
The Vanished in Our Beds by Ximena Escobar
Blood Sings to Blood by Zoey Xolton
Burning Passion by Zoey Xolton
The Midnight Man by Zoey Xolton
The Returned by Zoey Xolton
War Crimes by Zoey Xolton