by Joshua Gessner


I see a girl, hidden behind a curtain of trees, with poisoned lips and rotten teeth. Somewhere, in the pit of her, her heart is just as rotten. I believe if you slit her open, maggots and soot would be all you’d find. There is a shadow of her before she changed, signing her soul in the big black book. Yet that is all we know, the memory of her. For now, she is claimed by the unholy. She is his servant. A witch. I feel her name upon my own lips now. It stings, like a rose’s thorn. Madeline.

Joshua Gessner

 Joshua Gessner is a full-time college student and lives with his family at his home in Manchester, New Hampshire. He is a lover of a variety of genres, both when reading and when writing. He is also a lover of all movies and hopes to someday be a full-time author.
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