Turning Thirteen

Turning Thirteen

by William J. Joel


Today was the day, and Tiffany could barely contain herself. She was thirteen and knew what that meant. But not her parents, last night.

“But I’ll be thirteen!” she cried. “It’s a really big day!”

“So?” said her Dad. “Big deal.”

Her parents had smiled, wished her good night and left her room. Parents could be so stupid.

But her thoughts were interrupted by her Dad wheeling a large box into her room. On it was printed, “Your First Android Body.”

Yes, today was the day she’d leave her computer home and finally get a body for her AI mind.


William J. Joel

All things are connected. That’s the premise of what William J. Joel does. Each of Mr. Joel’s interests informs each other. Mr. Joel has been teaching computer science since 1983 and has been a writer even longer. His works have appeared in Angels, Common Ground Review, DASH Literary Journal, and The Blend.



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