A Zombie’s Guide to Alcoholism

by Sophie Wagner


I was bored; what can I say? Not like there’s anyone to judge me besides Martin, and he doesn’t do much.

The first day I ran out of realistic solutions to cure him of the zombie virus, I injected him with orange juice. No result. Same with pineapple juice. However, vodka might do the trick.

At first, he was still. Then, he hurtled towards the desk and began to bash out his brains until they joined him on the floor.

Interesting. Either I’m going to need an ocean of vodka to save myself, or I’ll just follow in his footsteps.

Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner is an emerging student author who has had multiple short story and poetry publications. You can find her work at The Macabre Ladies, Black Ink Fiction, Eerie River Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Black Hare Press and more. She hopes you have a horror-filled day!



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