Desperate Times

by Kimberly Rei


War between neighbouring nations had been raging for years. No one alive remembered why it started, they only knew their armies were demolished and they were desperate. They turned to their animals for salvation.

Technology would win the day, they prayed as they outfitted farm beasts for battle.

“Incoming! Take cover!” The alarm, so well-known, jarring, and feared, rang out with a clarion horn.

Great flocks of garish pink swept overhead, dropping bombs on bovine battalions. Lasers shot from cybernetic red eyes took out swaths of armed sheep.

The enemy was just as desperate. And they had an air force.

Kimberly Rei

Kimberly Rei does her best work in the places that can’t exist… the in-between places where imagination defies reality. With a penchant for dark corners and hooks that leave readers looking over their shoulder, she is always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to make words dance.



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