Halloween at the Morrison’s

by Sophie Wagner


In Mateo’s opinion, Halloween was the best time of the year. On decorating day, his family would carve, hang skeletons and Mother would make meat pies.

Sadly, this year they started without him.

When he arrived home, Morrie was already carving a lopsided smile into a decapitated head. In the kitchen, Mother was busy chopping the rest of the body. He could already smell the pies in the oven.

“Sorry to start without you,” his dad called. “But you can join your brother, if you want.”

Mateo advanced on the bound man in the corner.

“Don’t mind if I do.”


Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner is an emerging student author who has had multiple short story and poetry publications. You can find her work at the Black Hare Press, The Macabre Ladies and For Women Who Roar. She hopes you have a horror filled day!

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