Blessed Be the Artillery

by Bill Bibo Jr.


Sister Mary Antagonista strapped the bandoliers over her black tunic. She secured their contents, blessed moments earlier for their holy mission. A steel-plated headpiece completed her uniform.

A pink cloud of bloodthirsty flamingos had descended upon the unsuspecting city and raised their wings in war. The people, used to seeing the usually docile creatures in zoos and habitats, were vulnerable to the terrible carnage that followed.

The Sisters of Perpetual Pain had planned and prepared for such a battle. Thoughts and prayers are never enough against the denizens of Hell. You need high-powered weaponry. The warriors of God were ready.

Bill Bibo Jr.

Bill has written for Stupefying Stories, Havok, Timeless Tales, Black Ink Fiction, among others. For updates on works in progress, go to  and sign on to his newsletter, “Bibo Madness”. As he continues to build the website, there will be surprises, especially for him.

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