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Cover Your Ears

by Karen Thrower


It’s been a year since the dead began rising from their graves, hunting whatever humans they could find. We tried to get them to eat animals, but there was something about us that they craved. It didn’t take long before we lost hope and shuttered ourselves in our homes. Then one bright day, we found our solution. A happy accident really, during a zombie attack in Switzerland. As someone just happened to run into an old Victrola, the music that spilled forth had the zombies scrambling to get away. Who knew that yodelling would be our salvation against the undead.

Karen Thrower

Karen Thrower is a native Oklahoman, wife, and mother to a rambunctious eight-year old.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education from The University of Tulsa.  She is also a member of Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers and serves as the Facebook ‘Wizard’.