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Full Moon Night

by Andrew Hughes


“They’re here,” the dishevelled man howls. “They’re inside the hospital!”

“Jesus,” says the nurse. “The full moon brings the loons.”

“He’s scaring the other patients,” Dr McDonald says, snapping at an orderly. “Take him to psych.”

With security’s help, the orderly straps the man to the stretcher and wheels it into the elevator.

The man thrashes. “They’re here!”

“Shhh,” the orderly says. “I’m getting you help.”

The elevator doors slide open to a basement hallway.

Ahead is a sign for the boiler room.

The man looks up as the orderly’s face unzips; the skin peeling away to a grinning snout.

Andrew Hughes

Andrew has been writing and publishing short stories for the past decade. Most recently, his story The Cellar appeared on the NoSleep Podcast. He currently lives in Arizona, working as a teacher, and taking care of the world’s most adorable white husky.