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I Guess Grannie Will Be Fine

by Greg Beatty


After Johnny’s parents died, Grannie raised him.

She helped him with algebra, bullies, and dating. When the zombies came, it was time for Johnny to return the favour.

“Grannie’s tough,” he told his wife. “But these days she just sits and knits.”

When he got to her cottage, Grannie was sitting on the porch. Knitting.

“Careful!” she called. “Only walk on the white stones.”

Johnny did, joining her on the porch just as the zombies broke into the garden…where they fell to pieces, dropping arms here and heads there.

Grannie said, “I used some of your grandpa’s special monofilament wire.”

Greg Beatty

When he’s not writing, Greg Beatty walks with his dog, dabbles in the martial arts, plays with his grandchildren, and teaches college.
You can find a number of his stories on Payhip: https://payhip.com/GregBeatty