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Party Favours

by J.S. Carnes


Cindy manoeuvred through fake cobwebs lining the maze. As much as she loved creating haunted houses, tearing it down became tedious in the holiday’s afterglow.

“Of course, no one stays to help.” She combed through the twists and turns dropping decorations in boxes, the loose trash would have to wait for tomorrow.

Stacked boxes marked 10/31 gradually replaced haunted gimmicks.

She reached the final room.

Fake cobwebs covered a crucified clown above bowls of candy corn. Smeared makeup and blood dripped down coating the treats and filling the bowl.

Cindy sighed, “I told them not to kill the neighbours.”


J.S. Carnes

J.S. Carnes is an emerging author. He uses his love of imagination, conversation, and exploration to inspire his creative exploits. Keep up-to-date via Facebook: www.facebook.com/JSCarnes