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Water on Canvas

by James S. Austin


Standing in the newly acquired estate, a painting captured my attention.  It held me in rapture.

Moving closer, my eyes drew to the galleon at its centre.  The sails taut, rigging displayed in sharp lines from the strain.

My smile faded to confusion.  The waves appeared rougher, spray rising off its hull.

The sea now churning in stillness.  Swollen clouds above.

Phantom phosphorescent specks began dotting the blue-green strokes.  A melodic hum arose in my head.

Trying to end this spiralling descent, cold salt water spilled from my mouth.  Coughing.  With my last moments, a great yellow eye stared back.


James S. Austin

Born and raised near St. Petersburg, Florida, my early years were spent in the US Army and receiving BAs in Anthropology and History. My work includes editing three anthologies, publishing gaming products, and a few published short stories, to include a coming release in Black Hare Press’s  Ancients.