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by Blaise Langlois


There was only one way to do it, and they had to be quick. Rats were always more intelligent than humans gave them credit for, and now they had become extra clever. Trying to avoid the farmer’s tricks wasn’t a game—it was a matter of survival, and one too many of their comrades had fallen.

Unable to lift the box from the shed, they had gingerly carried the pellets one by one to the edge of the well. As each rat dropped a pellet of warfarin into the water, they dreamed about the green death that awaited the farmer.

Blaise Langlois

Emerging author, Blaise Langlois, will never turn down the chance to tell a creepy story. You are sure to find her writing in between teaching and raising four beautiful children, or feverishly scratching out ideas (which to the chagrin of her supportive husband, usually occurs just after midnight).

Website: ravenfictionca.wordpress.com