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Spoiled Milk

by James Hall


Back in the eighties and all the way through until the late nineties, the images of missing children were a common sight on any paper milk carton: whether it be hand delivered by little Jonny on his bicycle, or picked up in the local store. It wasn’t until the introduction of plastic jugs that this practice declined.

Here at Amity Dairy Farms, we pride ourselves on being the only National milk distributor in the states that still print our paper cartons with missing children on. We feel it’s educational for the consumers to know what our dairy cows are fed.

James Hall

Writing has never been optional for James Hall. Like eating and breathing, it’s something integral to their existence. ​Working for a family-owned sausage company, he writes scary stories for a few hours a day before each shift whilst fuelling his caffeine addiction in a local independent coffee shop.