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Sweet Delicious Candy

by John Ward


She could smell candy on the evening breeze.

She closed her eyes and let the intoxicating perfume wash over her, rekindling memories of bygone nights filled with jack-o’-lanterns and costumes and excitement.

The mouth-watering scent lured her to a bustling suburban street where the candy ran freely. Drunk with anticipation, she sank her teeth into a discarded treat and gorged herself, savouring the sweet ichor as it exploded on her tongue.

She retreated before the enraged man was upon her. Looking back as she fled, she saw him try vainly to stop the blood gushing from the child’s severed artery.


John Ward

John Ward is a Vancouver-based writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. His recent comic book credits include Scratcher, Acausal, and Offbeats, and he’s also the creator of the 49 Degrees North Writers Podcast. Previously he was a theoretical physicist and was once almost run over by Stephen Hawking.

Twitter: @arbutus_films