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Carry the One…Hundred

by T.J. Gallasch

I’d checked my calculations, twice, and then again, wanting to be absolutely certain before I threw the switch. I’d been working on this machine for years, but finally it was time to give it a try.

“Alpha equals Delta over Gamma, carry the one…” I murmured, checking the whiteboard a final time.

The machine whirred, lights flashing, and then out from the archway came another me.

“Hello,” it said as it shook my hand.

Then came another, and another.

“This isn’t right,” I muttered, confused.

And that’s when the first clone, marker in hand, added two zeros onto my one.


T.J. Gallasch


The Wrong Ship for That

by T.J. Gallasch 

“Hand over the necklace, in the name of His Majesty the King,” the officer ordered.

“You’ll need to take it from me,” One-Eyed Sue declared.

“What are you waiting for, man?” ordered the officer’s senior dressed in red. “Kill her and take what we’ve come for.”

Without hesitation, the sailor lunged with his sword.

Sue felt the point pierce her chest, but the pain was evident in the sailor’s eyes. Before her, mist surrounded the man, changing him—painfully.

“And the Black Mist’s crew keeps growing,” laughed Sue as she jumped overboard, the precious necklace still firmly in her grasp.

T.J. Gallasch