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The Last Victory

by Chad Miller


The Sheep took centre stage on the chamber floor. As they displayed their prize, the Senators gasped.

“This is an outrage!” exclaimed the Cow.

The Pig shook his head. “This will close all negotiations. It’s a declaration of war!”

The Sheep retorted, “You cannot negotiate with tyrants.”

The Horse neighed, “Our brethren are worked to death or slaughtered, there is no compromise with the Farmers!”

“This is a war we cannot win.”

The Sheep assented, “True. So we take what is most precious.”

The Senate cheered as they gazed at the Farmer’s daughter’s head as it rested on the pike.

Chad Miller

Chad Miller is a pharmacist and lives in lifeless Delaware with his girlfriend, Natasha, and her daughter Sasha, and his three children. His novel, The Prisoner of Fear, will be out 10/2022. 

Check out other stories on his website, chadmiller-author.com.