13 Victims – Launches 30th March 2021

V.A. Vazquez: My husband loves to speculate about the day-to-day lives of henchmen in action films. Like when they go home for dinner at night, do they have to explain to their spouses that Mr. Big Baddie spent a billion dollars on a laser gun instead of making a larger contribution to their 401(k)s? When it’s Career Day at school, how do they explain their profession to a group of fidgety four-year-olds? Do we see so many British henchmen because they don’t need private medical insurance through their employers? So when I was asked to write a story for 13 Victims, I decided I wanted to write about two low-level drones who get caught up in trouble that’s way above their pay grade.

Carnival Nights

by Trisha Ridinger McKee


Patsy was plain and blended in well at the carnivals. No one noticed if she had been at the previous town. No one thought to mention her when the authorities asked questions. She slipped in and slipped out with that plain face and those hungry eyes. The same eyes that looked away right before sweeping in for a bite. She did not enjoy the terror she evoked from the man lured behind the cotton candy stand or the young teenage boy that took her to the field for the fireworks. There was only hunger nipping where her soul had been.


Trisha Ridinger McKee

Trisha Ridinger McKee resides in a small town in Pennsylvania where carnival nights rule. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Tablet Magazine, Crab Fat Magazine, Night to Dawn Magazine, CommuterLit, Deep Fried Horror, and more.