Author: Various Authors
Series: Dark Moments, Book 4
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2023
List Price: 14.99 USD
eBook Price: 2.99 USD

The Black Hare Press YEAR FOUR anthology is a culmination of all the nano-tales published in the Dark Moments online archive during 2022, and the PATREON stories.

As a champion of emerging writers, you’ll always find works by debut authors in our publications, as well new pieces from established and best-selling authors. We hope you enjoy the hard work that has been put into these tiny tales.

Featured stories:

Thrown Out by A. Lily
Thoroughly Specious Impressions by A.H. Syme
Captured in Glass by A.J. Van Belle
A Burn Which Will Not Heal by Addison Smith
The Recipe by Aisling Campbell
Her Peaceful Valley by Alden Terzo
The Weight of Alone by Alden Terzo
The Door by Alden Terzo
Adrift in Death’s Grip by Alex Azar
The Legacy Trip by Alison Kaiser
The Harvester by Alison Kaiser
Cement Shoes by Amelia Weissman
Access To Your Heart by Andreas Flögel
Pink is the new Green by Andreas Flögel
Making Love Grow by Andreas Flögel
The Forest Never Forgets by Andrew Anderson
Full Moon Night by Andrew Hughes
A Moment of Silence by Andrew Jackson
Opening Teeth by Andrew Jackson
Disasterous Intentions by Andrew Kurtz
Flying Lessons by Andrew Kurtz
The Hog by Angela Zimmerman
Resembling a Mother by Angela Zimmerman
Wax by Austin Mooney
Harmony, Like A Song I’ve Heard by Ben Lockwood
The Vanishing Payphone by Bernardo Miller-Villela
The Body Bag by Bernardo Villela
The Flamboyance of Flamingoes by Bernardo Villela
Blessed Be the Artillery by Bill Bibo Jr.
Pizza’s Here by Blair Frison
Clowning Around by Blaise Langlois
Revenge by Blaise Langlois
Trapped by Blen Mesfin
Kiss of Death by Brianna Witte
Stranded by C.J. Carter-Stephenson
A Circus Act to Remember by C.L. Sidell
By the Light of the Fire by C.L. Sidell
On the Positive Side by C.L. Sidell
Clarinda by C.L. Sidell
Candy Cane Surprise by C.L. Sidell
A Night by Caoimhin Kennedy
The Juggler by Caoimhin Kennedy
Amongst My Gold by Caoimhin Kennedy
A Song for Dorian by Carol Ryles
The Last Victory by Chad Miller
The Manicure by Chad Miller
The Footnotes of Genesis Origins of a Demigod by Chelsea Pumpkins
Voyage of Their Lives by Chris Tattersall
Not Her Kink by Collin Yeoh
Soulmates by Crystal N. Ramos
Dust by D.S. Powell
The Far Side by Daisy Ravenel
Indulgence by Daniel R. Robichaud
Famine and Feast by David D. West
In Waves by David D. West
Coal by David D. West
Recess by David Staiger
Pretty in Pink by Dawn DeBraal
Slaybells by Dawn DeBraal
All Fall Down by Don Money
Ketrokur by Don Money
The Cove by Dorian J. Sinnott
Poseidon’s Youngest Daughter by Dr Bob Warlock
Lone Survivor by E.S. Huberty
Nothing Lives Under This Dirt by Eric Clayton
No Time by Eric Farrell
Work the Crowd by Evan Baughfman
Stargazing by Evan Baughfman
On Scarlet Wings by Evan Baughfman
Jumping Ship by Evan Baughfman
Torn Trophy by Fiona M. Jones
Pomegranate by Genesis Quihuis
I Guess Grannie Will Be Fine by Greg Beatty
Sand Castle by Gully Novaro
Red Feathers by Gully Novaro
Hunter by Gustavo Bondoni
Son of Heaven by Ian Gabriel Loisel
See You Soon by Jacek Wilkos
Welcome to Swingers Island by Jacqueline Moran Meyer
Spoiled Milk by James Hall
Spectre Spectacular by James Hancock
There’s One Born Every Minute by James Rumpel
The Cursed Cave by James Rumpel
Eager to Please by James Rumpel
Dear Santa by James Rumpel
He Liked to Watch by Jameson Grey
Quit Buggin’ Me, Man by Jameson Grey
Population Zero by Jameson Grey
Crossing the Line by Jameson Grey
Children of Sin by Jasmine Jarvis
Eye of the Beholder by Jay Seate
Shadow Boy by Jay Seate
Domovoi by Jean Martin
Honk! by Jeremy Hinkley
Jubilee by Jesse Highsmith
Chow Time by Jessica Brook Johnson
HotBoi752 by Jessica Brook Johnson
Death by Cake Pop by Jodi Jensen
For You by Jodie Angell
Joe’s Bar by Jodie Angell
A Visit From St. Niklaus by John Dougherty
The Hunt by John Merva
Extermination Request at Etherworld Candy Emporium by Jordan Chase-Young
Flavour Burst by Julia C. Lewis
Eryne by Julien Junker
Curse by K.J. Watson
Tree Mother by Kai Delmas
Three Sins and a Wish by Kai Delmas
Like Father, Like Son by Kai Delmas
Teddy Bear by Kailey Alessi
Dearly Departed by Kaitlyn Arnett
Not Again by Karen Thrower
Cover Your Ears by Karen Thrower
The Android on the Ice by Katherine Sankey
Out of Bacon by Kimberly Rei
The Doom of Man by Kimberly Rei
Desperate Times by Kimberly Rei
Incognito by Kimberly Rei
Company by Koh Hee Ja
No-Elf by Kristin Lennox
The House On Beltane Road by Kyle Toucher
Green Man by L.B. Limbrey
Behind Blue Eyes by L.J. McLeod
When the Zips Come A-Calling by L.J. McLeod
Anglerfishing by L.L. Garland
Vinny’s Gift by L.N. Hunter
Zzzzzz by L.N. Hunter
Scarecrow by Laura Nettles
Under the Bed by Laura Nettles
Birth of a Nephilim by Laura Nettles
Brain Waves by Laura Nettles
Neighbourly Hospitality by Leah Roemer
The Witch’s Curse by Leanbh Pearson
The Horned God by Leanbh Pearson
Blueberries and Hearts by Leanbh Pearson
The Forest of Teeth and Bones by Leanbh Pearson
Becoming by Lena Ng
Survey by Liam Hogan
Nightmares at the Circus by Liam Hogan
Cull by Liam Hogan
Carrion by Liam Hogan
Dyed by Liam Hogan
Instructions to my Past Self by Liam Hogan
Crewed by Liam Hogan
Evolution of an Apocalypse by Liam Hogan
Doors to Manual by Liam Hogan
Broken Things by Lillie Franks
/imagine by Lindsay Mansfield
She’s a Charmer by Lindsey Harrington
The God of Gastropods by Lisa Edwards
Birds Just Wanna Have Fun by Lisa H. Owens
Free Me by Lisa Rodrigues
Hellequin Bazaar by Lori Green
The Way to a Man’s Heart by Lori Green
Tick Tock by M. Vijayaraj
Ravenous by M. Vijayaraj
Nightmare by M. Vijayaraj
The Flaming-O by M. Vijayaraj
To Kill a Zombie by M. Vijayaraj
A. Eye by M. Vijayaraj
Delay Assessment by M.A. Dosser
Puppets and Prey by M.F. Johnson
Ovine Revenge by Maggie D. Brace
Clean Up by Mari Mendoza
Getting Ready by Matt Krizan
Beyond the Breaking Point by Matt Krizan
You Better Watch Out by Matt Krizan
Alterations by Maxwell Marais
Afterwards, the Absolute by Megan Kiekel Anderson
Consequences by Mel Andela
Red State Rising by Michael A. Clark
From the Deep by Michael Stroh
Trespassers by Michelle Brett
Golden Boy by Mike Rader
The Ghost of Woo Mon Chew by Mike Rader
Broken Melody by Mike Rader
Rat Cuisine by Mike Rader
Foresight by N.E. Rule
Ready-To-Wear by N.E. Rule
Incubator 212 by Nicole Little
Wormhole by Paul Lonardo
Day 33 by Pauline Yates
Security Upgrade by Pauline Yates
The Greatest Show on Earth by Pauline Yates
Twice the Pleasure by Pauline Yates
Pinch by Pauline Yates
Dressed To Kill by Pauline Yates
Gone Fishing by Pauline Yates
Fallen Angels by Pauline Yates
Drained by Pauline Yates
The Devil’s Breath by Pauline Yates
First Person Present Tense by Pauline Yates
A Pony For Christmas by Pauline Yates
Broken Back by Phillip Pettit
Tunnel Vision by R. Wayne Gray
Ship in a Bottle by Ria Hill
Payload by Ria Rees
Authentic Learning by Rita Riebel Mitchell
A Woman’s Place by Robert Stahl
Old Christmas Eve by Robyn Fraser
They Awaken by Ryan J.M. Tan
Captive by Samantha Arthurs
Midnight in the Valley of Elah by Scott O’Neill
Expert System by Scott O’Neill
The Gravedigger’s Angel by Scotty Sarafian
Arts and Cracks by Scotty Sarafian
Season of the Zombie by Shane Sinjun
Dusty by Shaun Bibo
Drip by Shaun Bibo
Merry Crashed-Mass by Shawn M. Klimek
Christmas Cards by Sheri White
His New Body by Simon Kewin
Family Matters by Sophie Wagner
Near Miss by Sophie Wagner
Re-Election by Sophie Wagner
Broken Things by Sophie Wagner
Up, Up, Up by Sophie Wagner
A Zombies’ Guide to Alcoholism by Sophie Wagner
Not Real by Sophie Wagner
Always Watching by Sophie Wagner
Be My Guest by Stephen Herczeg
There are Worse Things than Death by Stephen Herczeg
Dirty Blvd by Stephen Holding
The Other Side of the Cage by Stephen Johnson
For Every Bear That Ever There Was by Stephen McQuiggan
SIR.. CURSE… by Steven Holding
What Lives Inside by Taryn George
Where Does the Time Go? by Thomas J. Griffin
I Only Steal Dogs for the View by Tim Kane
The Black Bag of Fun by Tim Law
Sacred Wood by Tim Law
Sweet Hearts by Tracy Davidson
Friend of the Forest by Tracy Davidson
Pink Devils by Tracy Davidson
The Destroyer by Tracy Davidson
The Cellar by Tracy Davidson
The Christmas Angel by Tracy Davidson
Dinnertime by Victor Nandi
He Was by Victoria Brun
Showtime by Warren Benedetto
He Has His Father’s Eyes by Warren Benedetto
Pikass-0 by Zack Zagranis