A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

by Iseult Murphy

They took Sarah’s phone, money and driving license at intake.

“No need for these here. We’ll take care of everything.”

A nurse stripped Sarah before hosing her down in the shower.

“No need to be ashamed or hate yourself anymore. We’ll make you better.”

Sarah took the oval tablets from the nurse and put them in her mouth.

“No need to worry. We’ll fix you.”

The capsules burst on her tongue, and the slimy hatchlings crawled up the back of her throat into her nasal passageway.

“No need for humanity. Our parasites will do a better job at being you.”


Iseult Murphy

Iseult Murphy is a multi-genre Irish author who has won various awards for her short fiction, as well as her debut horror novel 7 Days in Hell, which was an IAN Book of the Year Awards Finalist. Find out more about her, her writing and read her blog at iseultmurphy.com


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