Aberrant Foliation

by Dennis Mombauer


The train stopped. Sanesh awoke with a start. His own reflection stared at him from the window. Blackest night reigned outside, and the jungle brushed against the carriage.

“What is going on?” The compartment was abandoned. The ceiling lamps flickered.

Someone knocked on the door, and the metal shuddered. Sanesh turned and found his reflection gone, the window just a square of empty darkness.

Another knock.

“Who is there?”

Sanesh inched closer. The handle moved, the door swung open.

As the train accelerated again, Sanesh awoke with a start: and from within the window, he stared at his own reflection.


Dennis Mombauer

Dennis Mombauer currently lives in Colombo as a freelance researcher and writer of speculative fiction, textual experiments, and poetry. He is co-publisher of a German magazine for experimental fiction and has published fiction and non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies. His first English novel, “The Fertile Clay,” will be published by Nightscape Press in late 2019.
Homepage: www.dennismombauer.com

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