Beware the Plastic Teeth

by D.J. Elton


Brian sighed. Halloween props for tonight. Ridiculous.

Mum was keen. “Here’s twenty. Take your sister.”

Brian scowled. Jodie pulled his arm, squirming and squealing.

Witches, vampires…rubbish! Brian screened the shop, unimpressed. Jodie found a packet of fangs. Gold!

“Ha! Made in China.” Brian grabbed it, slipping a pair in his mouth.

“Rarrrrrrrhhhh!” He roared at Jodie, who screamed and hid.

“Can I help?” A delicate woman appeared. Brian gulped. She was beautiful. He tried to remove the fangs, but they stuck in his mouth. Old memories emerged.

She smiled as Brian lunged forward.  A kiss was all it took.


D.J. Elton

D.J. Elton is a writer living in Melbourne’s west. As a child she came from England to Australia, on the last boat down the Suez Canal, where she underwent a sacrificial dunking ritual in the court of King Neptune, and has never looked back. She likes creating micro fiction, short stories, and random essays. Her work has been published in several Black Hare Press anthologies, and she also wrote a historical fantasy novella, ‘The Merlin Girl.’ When not playing with a pen, she likes most of all to go to the green country.

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