Thanks, Pop Culture

by Neen Cohen


“You gunna sparkle in the sunlight?” She laughed and I smiled as we waltz back to her place.

Pop culture had made hunting so much easier. And a lot more fun.

“May I?”

“Oh, of course.” She giggles, believing the act “come on in.”

I step in and watch her as she reveals her flesh.

Her smile slips; from eyes, and then lips. Horror freezes her as she takes in the twisted veins of my body.

I lick her skin, sending poison to freeze her permanently.

Her eyes her only means of communication. I bask in the fear for days.


Neen Cohen

Neen Cohen is an LGBTQI and speculative fiction author. She has a Bachelor of Creative Industries and is a member of the Springfield Writers Group. Neen loves to roam cemeteries and botanic gardens and can be found writing while sitting against a tree or tombstone.
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