Maybe Next Year

by Sophie Wagner


“What do you think, Stephen? Have we been good this year?”

“For his sake,” he said, “let’s hope so.”

Santa lay spread eagle atop a pile of coal, held in place by candy canes that were shoved through his forearms, his one remaining eye still twinkling.

Walter scanned both lists, then shook his head sadly. “Another year, another Christmas on the naughty list. Care to guess what we won?”

He grabbed Santa’s sack and shook another pound of coal onto the pile.

“Such a shame,” said Stephen, pouring lighting fluid over the pyre and striking a match. “Maybe next year?”

Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner is an emerging student author who has had multiple short story and poetry publications. You can find her work at Black Ink Fiction, The Macabre Ladies and For Women Who Roar. She hopes you have a horror filled day!


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