by Sophie Wagner

Men and women alike writhed in pain on the ground of the birthing ward as babies slithered between them, smearing black goo everywhere.

Monica screamed in agony as her arm pulsated, the purple gargantuan pouch attached to it nearly bursting. The man beside her was already cold, despite his birthing-sack popping moments ago. A good thing; he would’ve died from the skinning, anyway. The parasite looks like you already, but it craves warmth and fresh flesh is best.

As the world faded to black, Monica saw her old colleague being injected with the disease.

Something in his stomach began wriggling.


Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner is an emerging student author who has had multiple short story and poetry publications. You can find her work at The Macabre Ladies, Black Ink Fiction, Eerie River Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, Black Hare Press and more. She hopes you have a horror-filled day!

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