by Jacqueline Moran Meyer


Elspeth haunts me. At night, I hear her ankle chains scrape along the floorboards towards the bedroom I share with my new bride. She’s getting closer, with her bloated body now splattering water on the rug around our bed. Last night, I took to drink in the hope of not remembering her visit. This morning my new love lay dead beside me; wet footsteps led to her side of the bed. I may have married Elspeth for her money and not defended her when accused of sorcery, but never had I suspected her of truly being a witch—until now.

Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Jacqueline Moran Meyer is a writer, artist, and small business owner living in New York, where she received her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jacqueline loves science fiction and horror genres. Reading Ray Bradbury was a mind-blowing experience for her in eighth grade. Alice Munro and Rod Serling were great influences. Jacqueline also enjoys the company of her husband Bruce and their three children: Julia, Emma, and Lauren. Jacqueline’s mantra is “The only time it’s too late to try something new is when you are dead.”
Website: jmoranmeyer.net
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