Author: Various Authors
Series: Grimdark, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2023
List Price (paperback): TBA
List Price (hardcover): TBA
eBook Price: TBA

Grimdark, a sub-genre of speculative fiction, brings readers dystopian, violent worlds with amoral or morally questionable protagonists. The tone is always grim and dark—from whence the name comes—and valorises the protagonist’s struggles as they choose between good and evil.

Featured authors

A Chimeric Quality by Brianna Bullen
A Godmother’s Vengeance by Kay Hanifen
A Murder in the Pack by Brianna Bullen
All to War by Kelly Matsuura
ARTEM1S by Brianna Bullen
Collateral Damage by Brett Mitchell Kent
Daddy’s Girl by John Leahy
Devour by Kristin Dober
Dread Knight by Kai Delmas
Edge of Honour by Tim Hanlon
Fairy Tales by Catlyn Ladd
Holy Highwaymen by M. Vijayara
Legion by Rick Ansell Pearson
New Landlords by Jordan Chase-Young
One Mountain – While Men Sleep by Tim Law
One Mountain by Tim Law
Seer by M. Vijayaraj
Slag by C.C. Parker
Sleeping with the Fishes by Brianna Bullen
Steel Soul Killer by Ken Alders
Taming Dinner by kevin J. kennedy
The Addict by Rick Ansell Pearson
The Drinking Horn by M. Vijayara
The Exterminator by Rick Ansell Pearson
The Fox Hunt by Kim Z. Dale
The Gourmet by M. Vijayara
The Mercy of Moons by Brianna Bullen
The Mountain – The Plague by Tim Law
The Selkie Skinner by Brianna Bullen
The Tomb by M. Vijayara
Two Heads Are Better Than One by M. Vijayara
Walnut by M. Vijayara
White Pulse by Rick Ansell Pearson