Pauline Yates lives in Queensland, Australia and has horror and dark speculative fiction published with Black Hare Press, Tales to Terrify, Midnight Echo, Metaphorosis, plus others. She’s an Australian Shadows Awards short fiction finalist, and is translated in the Mondi Incantati series, published by Riflessi di Luce Lunare (RiLL), Italy.

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Dressed to Kill

by Pauline Yates   “Zip me up?” Macy stands with her back to me wearing a new dress. The exotic fabric gives her curves like Sandra’s. Have I cheated on my wife for so long I’ve forgotten how alluring she can be? I slide up the zipper but imagine unzipping Sandra’s dress and kissing the […]

Pauline Yates

Pauline Yates lives in Queensland, Australia and has horror and dark speculative fiction published with Black Hare Press

Twice the Pleasure

by Pauline Yates   I love how my lover slides his mouth down the woman’s neck. How he pauses near her jugular vein, warming his lips with heat from her racing heart. He nips her skin, teasing, her involuntary moan at the pleasure he inflicts sets fire to my cold heart. When he’s finished with […]


Punk—steampunk, cyberpunk, biopunk, dieselpunk—stories where technology is the main focus.

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The Greatest Show on Earth

by Pauline Yates   Teaching a monkey how to strike a match was a clever trick. It required the use of electric shocks to his fingers, but when he lights the ring of fire for the Bengal tigers to jump through, the crowd applauds me as the greatest animal trainer in the circus’s history. However, […]

Naughty and Nice

by Pauline Yates   On Christmas morning, I wake to find a blonde and a brunette, naked as newborn babes, asleep in our bed. They fit the description written on my husband’s Christmas wish list. He wished for a threesome—without me. Wondering if Santa granted my Christmas wish, I hurry downstairs to the Christmas tree. […]


by Pauline Yates   Drunk on Samsu, I muddle the warning about a white-dressed woman with long, lank hair. Who said that? The bartender? No, a Malaysian beggar; a story for a coin, he said as I staggered home. A generous man, I obliged, and learned about the mythical Kuntilanak, a vengeful female spirit who […]

Pumpkin Head

by Pauline Yates   I’ve won ‘Best Halloween Display’ two years running, but while hanging decorations, my new neighbour distracts me. He likes my legs. I love his wide smile. Tempted, I suggest a private trick or treat before the judges arrive. Invitation accepted, he asks what tricks I know. I show him my wax […]


by Pauline Yates   Why’d you bring me home, Jimmy? Couldn’t hack a third tour of duty? The war ain’t over. You and me, we make the best team. But you’re a coward, ain’t ya, Jimmy? Shit, if it wasn’t for me, you’d be rotting in a body bag. Is this how you repay me? […]

Clean Sheet

by Pauline Yates   The Westridge football team walks the streets, searching for victims. The pre-season tradition—players can purge their sexual desires in a one-night fucking frenzy—has resulted in four consecutive premiership wins. No one reports the pack rapes, the deaths. All this town sees is the trophy. Not me. I have a different purge […]