Stephen is an IT Geek, writer, actor and film maker based in Canberra Australia. He has been writing for over twenty years and has completed a couple of dodgy novels, sixteen feature length screenplays and dozens of short stories and scripts.

Stephen’s scripts, TITAN, Dark are the Woods, Control and Death Spores have found success in the international screenwriting competitions with a win, two runner-up and two top ten finishes.

His horror stories have featured in Sproutlings, Hells Bells, Below the Stairs, Trickster’s Treats #1 and #2, Shades of Santa, Behind the Mask, Beyond the Infinite, Beside the Seaside, The Body Horror Book, Anemone Enemy, Petrified Punks and Beginnings.

His Sherlock Holmes stories have been published in Sherlock Holmes in the realms of H.G. Wells, Sherlock Holmes: Adventures beyond the Canon, The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes stories: Part XI and will soon be seen in Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the realms of Steampunk, The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes stories: Part XIV & XVI.

Later this year, Stephen will appear in A Tribute to H.G. Wells, and has had over twenty drabbles accepted for the Curses and Cauldrons, Blood and Bitemarks, Worlds, Angels and Monsters anthologies.

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